Xbox1 - Rank 14 guild “Voices of Cambria” looking for actives

We have 6 slots open for active players.

Looking for people level 150 and higher (as most of us members are) who can remain fairly active and contribute both trophy and gold on a regular basis. We do NOT have a set minimum number on your weekly contributions. Activity is the key.

If you’re looking for a top guild where you don’t have to fear getting booted for being the least contributor, or you have to be away from the game for a few days, then you would have a good home with us!

“Voices of Cambria” guild.

I’d like to join. Daily active player/donator.


Hey. I’m an active player interested in joining. Check your messages on Xbox live also, I messaged you. Thanks.

level 341 if you need active players

We still have 3 open slot. You guys can message Neves1277 on Xbox Live with your Invite Code, he usually is pretty active.

If not I believe I have the permission to invite. My gamertag is: Aeragon IX.

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We have room for one more active player who can contribute.

I’m interested in joining your guild. I’m currently the only active member in a guild I joined randomly when I started playing. My hero is currently level 600 nd has contributed over 1.4 million gold and 8100 trophies to current guild (rougly 80% of all contributions). I play regulary and looking for an active guild to share and benefitt from the new guild seals and chest rewards If you decide there is a spot for me let me know.


January 2nd -
Currently have one opening for our guild.

Looking for level 300 plus and active contributor in ALL fields.

I’m interested in joining. I am lvl 270 . My inv code is Joshua_uvyj. I am currently in an inactive guild so MSG me before inviting. My gamer tag is KillaAbyss. Thanks.


I’m a very active player that is looking for a really active guild for high level guild chests, my current guild barely hits level 3 every week and after a week I am the No. 3 LIFETIME contributor (with 25 members)

I have death knight armour and am level 89 and counting. I know this is a little lower than your requirement but please consider me. I am very active, play every day as both me and my GF are hooked and playing ALOT.



Invite code: X RICIARA X_3KY4

I am sorry but we are currently full at the moment. Thanks for your interest!

Hi let me know when you have an opening…just hit level 250 and am a steady player…have difficulty hitting 1500 seals each week with my work and travel, but can do everything else and am probably good for 800+ seals…been in 2 Top 10 guilds recently but both had the 1500 req…too steep with my current work and travel…thanks! Jerry (GT NightOwl360)