Voices of Cambria - rank 20 recruting

looking for 3 players who can do 300k gold, 1000+ seals, 100+ trophies on a regular weekly basis, also must play GW daily.
many of my members do 500k to 1m gold and max seals, 300+ trophy, so we are seeking players closer to our level of activity and contributions.
if interested please message me on Xbox - Neves1277 (GM)

Friendly bump

a kind thanks, Ms. Fae

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hi, neves 1277. i’m interested enter the guild. i play almost every day and contribute (guild war, gold, pvp) a lot in my guild, but most of the members don’t play for a long time, it sucks. So, i’d like to enter in a active guild. Please, invite me on xbox one console, my gt is andrecontreiras. thanks man.

bump for 2 open spots for active players

3 spots open for those looking to help our team improve

still room for a couple teammates looking for a reasonable home

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Bump, who needs a guild.