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[XBOX] Voices of Cambria Rank 15 guild RECRUITING open

We are currently rank 15.
Some may have noticed we have five slots open currently due to inactives.

We are looking for moderate to high active players to help fill the void and achieve our goal of being Top Ten.

We do take minimum rank of 100, however, many in our guild are level 200-500 and would like to find similar level players to even out guild contributions.
Be active in PVP and active at least several times a week including gold contributions.

We are a fun bunch of snarky misfits who love to press X until we win!

PLEASE PM your invite code to me here,or on xbox1 “Neves1277”.

Number 13 might have something to say about that!

Hey, they did a good job overtaking us at a lower rank a few months back. So nothing but respect for them.

We still have some open slots for active players.

Good core of active players here looking to round us off for our full potential!

Hi, I am interested in joining your guild.
I am level 250, donate 200 trophies+ every week and like to donate gold too.
Let me know if im suitable :slight_smile:

I sent you a private message. was waiting for your reply

Thanks for the invite :slight_smile: