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Voices of Cambria rank 17 guild searching for moderate to high active players

Rank 17 guild, 2 spots currently open, looking for mature friends with moderate to high end activity, who enjoy communicating with others and working as a team with long term term players without the fear of revolving door politics.

100k or better gold, 1000 or better seals, 100 or better trophies per week minimum.

We allow for flux of activity due to other games, work, or RL issues that may arise and interfere with gameplay. The more active you are and contribute, the more breathing room we allow.
Must be able to report in to chat any planned absences longer than a week. Must accept invite to private club where you’ll find a great group of people who are are willing to help and support from game to RL issues.
We keep it drama free as much as possible so that others can simply enjoy a game, and we protect our investment players when we can.

Sound like a possible home for you? Message “Neves1277” on XB1

Still Open for good players!

Hi Neves,

I sent you an a message on XboxLive yesterday?

I would like to join this guild. My invite code is PUSH RULZ_FQNN

We now have 3 spots open for active players!

Friendly bump :blush:

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got room for one more who can do mins plus, preferred.