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Voices of Cambria - Rank 23

Our minimum is 200k gold/1k seals/200 trophy, but looking for a good few who do much above that to help us continue to grow as a team.
GW is a must but not demanding high points, just daily activity. Other events are encouraged but not mandatory, although a few more dedicated players could assist in finishing the last few tiers.
I promote pvp and Arena heavily.
We are fairly quiet in guild chat, not a lot of off-topic banter, but if you ask, someone will answer.
I have a very old core of players who enjoy the investment over quick rewards, and I work with members when RL issues may happen, and many are working class players. I give multiple warning and chances before I remove someone.
We are NOT looking for casual players, but those who know how to manage their in-game time to maintain good contributions to the team. Must be tolerant that other players may fluctuate in activity during the week. If interested, contact me @ my gt Neves1277

bump for 2 open spots.

3 open spots for active players