Xbox - guild needed


I am looking for an active guild that completes tasks, I will be active for all events and will contribute 100k at lest each week… I’m still leveling kingdoms


Check out the xbox sub-forum here, you’ll probably find a guild that’s recruiting:


You still need a guild I got a spot 4 u send me your codes to forest 89


Hi man, are you still looking for a guild?, Compis Alv is recruiting right now.

my GT is : FDs Kaiser, add me and send me your invite code.


We’re recruiting now…you’d be very happy with the level of activity/hard work from all of our members…guild name is DAZZLEBUSH BANDITS…I have it set for open now but we tend to fill up very quickly.
I’m a strong guild leader and I consistently hold our members accountable…it’s only fair to our active members :smile:


can you send invite - code is … ib u r g ie s s_jp4m


ib u r g ie s s_jp4m


I send you a invite alpha dragons mate