Wrong Translation for Leanansidhe

Android, PC and iPad, Android 10, Windows 7/10, iOS 15



I expected the troop to do what the italian translation says but it didn’t do that, it did what the english translation says, so I thought it would have been an error or a mistake of mine…

I was in Dark Court pure and noticed that the legendary Leanansidhe ability says: damages a troop and all those below it, in italian, so I used it on the first enemy and didn’t do anything to those below it, then I read again, it was not a mistake of mine, then I had the idea to check in english, and there it is… The original says: damages a troop and all those above it.

It happens everytime and everywhere I use Leanansidhe. The first time I noticed this error was yesterday 18/February/2022.

Steps to make it happen again
Just use Leanansidhe in any match you like and see the italian and english version. The attached screenshot will show the difference between the two.

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