[Reported] Wrong italian spell

The Italian translation is completely wrong! It says to create gems, and there is no mention of any damage


Italian text says: Creates 3 Blue Gems and 3 Web Gems, boosted by rogue allies. Poisons and webs to a random enemy.

Looks like it’s pasteded on from a totally different troop. BTW, this is an old troop and by far older than Web Gems.

This is the new description for Night Spider, recently nerfed/reworked, that somehow ended on Shadowblade too. I’d say to signal it as a bug.

There’s around a thread for wrong translations but this is entirely another problem.

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edit your post and tag a dev. bramble jeto or kafka

Allegedly, per Kafka, that doesn’t help. Let’s see if they find it without because that’s really bad.

Hey everyone,

Thank you for bringing this translation issue to our attention. I’ve reported it to the development team so the correct translation can be placed on Shadowblade’s spell!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

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You’ll be happy to know that your report has got zero attention. Shadowblade’s description is still effed up in the new version.