Please fix Italian translation errors

I play in Italian and I often find errors, sometimes amusing, sometimes misleading.
For example, in the guild page “standing” is translated into “in piedi” which means “stand up”, while it should be “posizione”, “rango”, or “grado” (this is an exampe of amusing error).
The worst errors are the one in the cards’ spells:
for example, Sacrifice’s spells (in Italian) reports that it kills a random ally, while the English text says it kills the last ally;
Humility’s third trait says that the all allies gain armor and magic when an ally dies (Italian), while the english text says when I take damage;
Sacrificial Priest’s spells in Italian says it deals true damage. I was very disappointed when I discovered it was normal damage…
If you want, I’ll post other errors if I find them.

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I’ve tried to ask them to fix 2 big misleading French translation twice but they never corrected them although I pointed them to the exact lines they had to change in the translation files and provided them a correct translation.

Good luck on your pleading.

Edit : actually, I just rechecked, they ended up correcting them (but way after I asked, and only because other people asked in the mean time) although one was left partially uncorrected (but the remaining thing to correct isn’t important at all I guess)

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