Would you like that with or without Guild Wars? Join #48 TUF:Abaddon and #5 TUF:Unrepentant

Last week TUF:Unrepentant did 80 legendaries, our new record. 30-35 is our normal week. Come join the fun.
TUF: Unrepentant - 500k/1000s/300t

This up and coming guild will be breaking into the top 50 soon. Come join their adventure.
TUF: Abaddon - 250k/1000s/150t

TUF: Purgatory - 150k/650s (level 300+) or 1000s (under 300 or kingdoms not at 10)

Discord is required, but in Abaddon and Purgatory, Guild Wars are not!

So join TUF:Unrepentant for guild wars, Abaddon to have it optional, or Purgatory to chill.

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This is a great place to be with lots of enthusiastic players and a willingness to help


Joined this guild just over a month ago and have gotten so much help and resources from them. Great place to learn for new player and help others for experienced players.

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Level 1147 looking to get back into a top ten team…had a break…on mobile…can keep up…lol… HERO_2…


Come to our discord server and we’ll get you setup. Just follow the link

Glad to have you aboard @hero

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Level 116 here, I’d like to join purgatory. Still leveling kingdoms but I’m a pretty avid player. Currently play 2 Xbox accounts and mobile.

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Come on over and talk with us.

We should have a couple openings in TUF:Abaddon tonight.Last week they hit the top 50 and celebrated with 101 legendaries (which got them Doomclaw). This week Abaddon is a bit more tired, but they still did enough legendaries to get Pharos in a legendary.

We also have plenty of openings in our first expansion guild. After being blowing up and being held hostage by an inactive GM, Power Gems got their guild back and joined TUF. You can join an up and coming guild trying to get back to bracket one and back into the top 50 (#59 now). It’s an exciting adventure I plan to join myself.

I’m hoping someone will see this and come to the awesome guild Abaddon after reset. After waiting for Power Gems for most of the 47 days they were held hostage, I can now join them and help lead them since they joined TUF. The one catch is that I have to replace myself.

Crossing my fingers and kissing my phone for luck that some mighty warrior will come to my aid.

None Of The Above

PS Abaddon got Pharos this week and Doomclaw last week. We aren’t usually that lucky with mythics, but Abaddon does enough legendaries you might get lucky too.

We do have 1 spot in Abaddon, 2 openings in Purgatory, our lowest req guild.

Purgatory has top player Solid Snake visiting for a few weeks, so it’ll also have legendary tasks, even though it’s our developmental guild. So come on down and say hi. We have options for you to join and if your real life circumstances change, you can just swap guilds within TUF and keep your new friends.

Abaddon just joined the top 50 and celebrated with 101 legendaries 2 weeks ago (got doomclaw) and they got pharos last week.

I’d be interested in joining. I think Purgatory would be a good start. Any spots available there?

Lvl 470 and all kingdoms maxed.

Invite code: dennisbpetersen

I send you an invite to TUF: Power Gems. Once you’re in TUF you can freely move between guilds if there is space. Purgatory is full I believe.

Abaddon (#45) has an open spot! Requirements are kingdoms level 10, 250k/1000s/150t, and Discord use. Guildwars are optional!

Reply here or hit us up on Discord if you’re interested in joining the best family of guilds in GoW! Also, we have cookies :grin:

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we still have an open spot in Abbadon, here is your chance to be in a top 50 guild

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