In the market for a new guild


I’m looking for an English speaking guild that can complete all tasks. I’m level 1229 can do 1m gold 1500 seals 300+ trophies. Take it easy.



Visit our Discord and consider joining TUF

:smiling_imp:Always looking for fresh blood!:smiling_imp:

Inquire within


Go to Walmart and you might find one.


Okay, thanks. I’m checking out your discord now.


Are you still looking ? We’re rank 179 .


If you’re still looking for a guild, Marthos Guardians is going to have an open spot at the end of this week,

Marthos Guardians recruitment topic



Hoguns Paladins has a spot open. We complete all tasks and around 20 LT tasks a week. If you’re please come have a chat with us on Discord


Are u still looking for a guild? If so TUF Power Gems still has spots open. :grinning:
Join TUF:Power Gems 500k/1300s/150t,
Complete all tasks and deals each week
Average 20-25 Lt’s as well. Bracket 2 in guild wars


Already on our server and in queue @junette :wink:




Join dominants discord we get 40k seals/complete all tasks and do many legendary tasks weekly (this week over 40)


I want to play. :grin::wink:


Thank you everyone for your interest. I have found a new guild.