[OLD THREAD] The Unholy Family (Top 10 Unrepentant, Abaddon, Purgatory and Limbo) GoW's premiere SuperGuild seeks fresh blood!

The Unholy Family [TUF] is a GoW Superguild currently composed of five active squads. We are a dedicated community of players and always seeking new members and prospects! All active squads hit 40k seals weekly.

Our guilds are: Unrepentant (Diamond tier - Global Top 10 & all-around competitive), Abaddon (Platinum tier - event driven, GW casual), Power Gems (Gem tier - GW competitive), Purgatory (Gold tier - mid-game growth) and Limbo (Silver tier - early growth). Find out who is recruiting in the latest posts below and visit our Discord server to learn more and meet the family! :smiling_imp:



Abaddon is the mid-tier competitive guild for the Unholy Family. We are seeking new players.

Requirements are 1000s, 150T, and 100k g per week minimum.

While these are minimums, we fully expect that most of our players will leave those reqs in the dust.

Abaddon will prepare players who want to ascend to top tier guilds like Unrepentant or allow top tier players to take a break from hardcore competition while still enjoying the benefits of cooperating with other dedicated players. This will also be a place where people can explore strategies for advancement, including leveling cities, starring cities, upgrading troops, etc.

We are a very active family, and we talk a lot with one another. If you’re social, looking for a great group to hang out with and to play with, this could be a great home for you.

Great candidates will:

  • Meet a minimum of 300 PvP points per day
  • Have a good attitude about game play and communicating with other players
  • Prioritize real life over the game, but love the game enough to be frustrated by peers who do not match their contributions.

If you are interested, come join our Discord server and let’s talk. DM me or one of the other Guild admins if you are interested.



You have now entered PURGATORY!

Purgatory was originally set up to be a place where our competitive players can take a break from the grind. After all, real life happens and we get that! However, Purgatory is NOT A CASUAL GUILD. As with the rest of The Unholy Family we love the game and the community we are creating.

Purgatory is a Guild for those who love to be social and play the game the way it suits them. This is also where we recommend newer players (that love playing the game) start.

Requirements weekly:

  • 600 Seals a week minimum. (however we have multiple players who hit top 100 in pvp each week)
  • Discord (must for communication)
  • Be an active part of the community!
  • Love the game! But know this is exactly that…a game. We understand Life happens.
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:gem: Unrepentant:gem:: The Crème de la Crème Guild of our Unholy Family​:smiling_imp:

 Unrepentant is comprised of 30 members trying to be the best guild in all of Gems. If you can't feel the ferocity in my keyboard strokes then imagine one of my fire 🔥 30 times! Currently ranked **#12 in the All-Time Rankings**

We are a guild that Requires from you:

  • 500,000 gold weekly :gem:

-300 Trophies weekly :trophy:

-1500 seals weekly :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

  • Communication through our discord app :space_invader:

Here’s our link: 😈Unrepentant (29/30)😈☠️Ranked 3rd in Growth(Guild Lvl 630 #11)☠️ - #123 by Pabloskee



I’m interesting in joining Purgatory. My invite code: Danihashem



Welcome to Purgatory friend. @star_curtain

welcome, Star! Please make sure to get discord and join us, It is a requirement as we do everything there.


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Welcome, Star!

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we are still looking for a number of people for Abaddon! We got over 10 people last night alone! Get a slot while they are hot and join our family! Join us on the discord linked in first post!


Loving it in Unrepentant. Great group of friends. Join the family and you’ll also get my weekly posts on resource spending strategies. We also have lots of tinkerers and team builders in our Unholy Family. You’ll grow into a better player joining us and you have the option to be at the stage you’re ready for, while maintaining long term friendships.

None Of The Above

Abaddon is almost full. If you want in, now is the time to do it.

Thank you to all who applied. We are now full. We will post updates when positions become available.

Thank you!

Abaddon (global rank #1262) is looking for players - One spot available!
Join our Discord server using the link found above that way we can get to know you. The current reqs are 150 trophies,100k gold and 1000 seals weekly and opportunity to move up to our elite guild #12 Unrepentant Thank you from Jazziin (Admin)

Still looking for one recruit to join Abaddon. We’re prepped for guild wars and have a roster full of veterans and role players

Are you up to the challenge Unrepentant our parent guild is looking for one player we are competitive involved in Guild Wars we are not leave you on your own, and fend for yourself with our discord group we offer ways to help all our members if they put in the little we ask please follow our link above to discord

We have a few spots available in Purgatory. Come develop your skills, level your cities or just take a break and play for fun in Purgatory. 89 members of The Unholy Family to help you maximize your game time!

Do you love getting lots of cards and resources? Unrepentant (#11) does 20-30 legendary tasks a week and we have open spots. We’re going to be back in bracket #1 next week in Guild Wars, where we get the best rewards.

Do you hate guild wars? We also have opening in Purgatory which is a guild war optional guild.

We do our switches just a bit after weekly reset to make sure old players get their guild war rewards and new players get in before the weekly avalanche of keys comes in. So give us a heads up during Sundays for best results.

None Of The Above

We’re on our way to the top ten in the league who wants to help Unrepentant get there? We were only about #50 at the start of December.

We’ve got spots in all 3 guilds this week.

Come meet us on our discord server and see we’re the fun crew you want to roll with: The Unholy Family

tag @Admin @None of The Above#9583 to get our attention.

None Of The Above

Come check us out - TUF is a highly-organized, cohesive unit with a very active Discord. With three different guilds to choose from, there’s something for every activity level (including the ability to shift guilds as your available playtime shifts). We have members who approach GoW in every possible way with playtime/experience ranging from casual to hardcore, and there is support available at every level.

Feel free to hit us up on Discord with any questions or to get to know us :smiley: