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Wording Clarification

So on troops and weapons that explode based on mana color, like Reflection of Good for example, it says, and I quote:

then explode X Gems of their Mana Color.

The way this reads is that if a troop uses blue green and red, it will explode X amount of gems from the pool of blue green and red.

The way it really works, as it stands, is that it picks 1 of these colors and explodes up to X of those gems.

Can we have a wording clarification on the troops changed to:

then explode X of 1 of their mana colors.

Or if it is meant to explode X from a pool that includes all of their colors, can that bug please be fixed.

I have tested this, my reflection of good explodes 18 gems, I cast on cedric, when there was 12 yellow and 6 blue, and it only exploded the blue and left the yellow alone.