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Woefully underpowered troops and my attempt to fix them

There are a lot of troops out there that are just horrendously bad, and there’s no need for that. They do so very little, but they could be better with some very simple tweaks, and I sure wish we would see more of those tweaks to troops here and there in patches.


Updated Ability:

  • Deal [Magic/2 + 9] damage to a random Enemy. Gain [Magic/2 + 9] - [Magic + 9] Attack and Life.

This would allow Roc to cast its ability more than once, but it would do half damage to a random enemy instead of targeted, and Roc would gain attack/life in a random amount based on a range of half magic to full magic.


Reworked Ability and 3rd trait:

  • Create 8 Gems of a chosen Mana Color, boosted by Purple Allies and Enemies (1:1). Give 3 Magic to all other Allies.
  • Change Arcane (Gain 1 Magic when an Ally casts a spell) to Spell Armor (Reduce damage from Spells by 25%).

This would allow Tassarion to cast his ability more than once, but his ability would no longer be tied to his Magic which would address scaling issues (if I cast him for instance on a team, I’d create 50+ gems, hence the one cast only). Instead it would be a fixed amount, as is with most other Epic troops that create gems, but boosted by purple allies+enemies (“Forbidden Lore” after all). It would then get rid of his Arcane trait, because he doesn’t need Magic, and give him some Spell Armor, which wasn’t around when he came out.


Updated ability for Sand Scuttler:

  • Current ability is to gain [Magic + 20] Life and Armor. Change to: Gain [Magic/2 + 10] Life and Armor. Gain Barrier.

This would halve the life and armor gained, give him Barrier, and remove the one cast only limitation.


Mad Prophet needs to be more mad. Reworked:

  • Death mark a random Ally and Enemy. Give all other allies 5 Mana and 2 Magic, boosted by Death Marked enemies. (x5)

Now he’s a little crazy, but usable in a niche way that could potentially make him very powerful with granting Magic than currently, with a proper set up, albeit with a drawback (deathmarking your own troops!)


Could this poor fella do any less? Updated ability:

  • Explode a random Gem. Gain 5 Attack, boosted by Brown gems destroyed (x2).



  • Deal [Magic + 2] damage to an Enemy. If they have Hunter’s Mark, deal 8 true damage.


Pixie is one of those weird troops where it feels worse to cast it than to use it and gain the extra turn, because if it’s in front of any other troops (presumably why it has dodge), it’s going to color block 8 green/purple mana. If it’s in the back, the dodge is kind of strange considering it’s supposed to be its third trait, which is the most expensive one, and its only purpose is to faerie fire a single enemy troop. Not only that, this is supposed to be a Rare troop, but its ability is worse than most Commons. Revamped ability:

  • Faerie Fire an enemy. Gain an Extra turn. If the Enemy is already Faerie Fired, Burn them and drain 2 Mana.


Where to start… well, let’s start with the fact that he creates 9 purple gems and provides a bonus to purple mana, but doesn’t use purple mana himself, and summons a troop that uses Brown mana.


Sand Cobra isn’t exactly a troop I’d want to summon either. Poison, Disease and Stun on a randomy enemy? For 6 mana that’s good, except those effects are just annoyances. And why is it random anyway? You’d think a Cobra would have pretty good aim. So there are a lot of things wrong with both of these troops. But I don’t especially think anything needs to change with Sand Cobra, just the Snake Charmer. Reworked ability:

  • Mesmerize: [Mana cost increased from 11 to 13] Create 8 Purple and 8 Green Gems. Summon a Sand Cobra. Allied beasts gain [Magic + 1] Attack.

  • Anubite Warrior: I’m not sure why it summons a Fortress Gate, a Construct troop from Broken Spire, when it’s a Monster/Mystic from Khetar. Surely there are better troops it could summon, like a Pharaoh Hound or Wall of Bones.
  • Probably the worst Boost in the game – each Skull being worth only 1 Armor, and they get removed, not even destroyed.

Last one I’ll touch on in this point (even though there are so, so many more…)


When Sybil of Lust came out, players knew exactly how awful she was just by looking at the ability. Sometimes abilities look bad but in play they perform better. This isn’t one of those cases. She explodes 2-5 Purple gems: 1 gem boost by daemon allies (with herself being a daemon makes 2 the minimum).

Are there any other troops that do nothing except explode gems? Why yes, there are. Ogre, which I touched on, explodes a single random Gem for 6 mana. It’s a Common troop. And that’s it. That’s the only other troop that only explodes gems with its ability. The next closest is Leprechaun which explodes [Magic/2] +1 Green gems – and that’s boosted by gold, AND he gives gold and is empowered and has Nature Link (+1 Green Mana). He’s Ultra-Rare too, just like Sibyl.

But Sibyl is only Swift and just explodes a purple gem at start of battle. Her boost is capped at 4 and the ability is called “Dark Fire” – you’d think such a sweet ability name would do more. My expert rework for her ability:

  • Convert all Red Gems to Purple. Burn a random Enemy, boosted by Gems converted (5:1).

At 9 mana, starting at 75% mana and a explode an gem at the start of battle trait, converting to her own color (self-looping) is just a wee bit strong…

Normally 1 color gem creation is more reliable than a 2 color mixtures, but if we’re creating a Lady Anariel troop… a self-looping summoner that boosts attack on troops it can summon is also a bit strong…

Admittedly, if I’m casting Pixie to Faerie Fire something, I’m not going to cast it again on a troop a second time just to burn them and drain 2 mana. That secondary clause may as well not exist…

Wow, that’s a little OP. Since you’re nearly guaranteeing a Deathmark unless they happened to have immunity (which is uncommon), this troop essentially gives 10 mana and 7 magic to all allies on first cast and up to 25 mana and 22 magic on all allies on a full team of enemy Deathmarks. Its not even one cast either.

With that much opportunity for gem creation (9 base including itself, before checking allies and enemies), this is also extremely OP as heck. It wouldn’t be hard to self-loop like crazy to magic buff every ally without dropping the turn. Heck Tassarion into Mistralus is probably more than enough in most situations…

Overall, I love the effort, but some of these might be overtuned a way bit too much.

That’s generally a better starting point, I believe, than buffing them only to a point where they still are useless and avoided. I think it’s best to say “Here’s what they could do, but maybe a little less.” I appreciate the feedback! I just want Devs to actually say “You know what, we could give these troops (and many others) an update.”

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I’ve been saying this for a few years now, the weaker characters need a serious major buff.

Honestly, I like to play around with the “cast only once” troops, because they offer nice troops set up by clearing up the mana restriction of troop behind them (oh boy, I hope I made clear what I’m trying to say here). I wouldn’t mind a buff to the abilities itself or, maybe better, less mana cost to get them cast their spell more reliable.