[WIP] Daily Deals - Discussion and Critique

Agree. Also if you use potions on the weekend event, deeds for the hoard bonus aren’t needed.

Kudos for providing that screenshot. I’d agree that the screenshot shows that the pet task has a chance of rolling if other tasks for the next kingdom star still need to be completed.

What do you mean “not achievable yet”? If a pet is released, it can always by some means reach level 20 on day 1 of its release.

I meant troops not pets.

I have drifting sands at power level 18, and power level 19 is unachievable because ‘Upgrade 28 drifting sands troops to level 20’ and only 27 have been released.

I still got a troop upgrade offer with message help upgrade drifting sands to power level 19.

These troop offers are a great deal and fit in perfectly with my long term end gamer spending plan.

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That’s weird.

I haven’t seen any troop offers yet with unreleased troops.

On the other hand, on this exact topic, I also have the increase Drifting Sands to Power 19 task today, but for Class Favor. But that would be a valid task for me as I still technically need 10 more Champion levels on Dervish to “qualify” for Power 19 on that criteria.


I’d agree on some of the offers, when they can be narrowed down to specific manageable criteria. I’ve personally had to reassess my gem budget in light of these developments, as for the first time gem outflows are consistently exceeding gem inflows. Which of course means that the daily deals, in concept, are working exactly as intended.

I understand that you don’t want or need these keys, but for a player that does want those keys, the regular price of 400 is a good deal and the discounted price of 300 is a very good deal (based on the regular gem price). That’s the important part.

Now the crafting resources deals on the other hand, those are a different story. I could see some price adjustment being warranted there.


I’m hoping the devs will review the stats on purchases and calibrate accordingly for the least popular ones so that they become more attractive. Relatively speaking of course.

More likely we’ll see another red adventure board quest …

Not unreleased, it was a base epic god slayer I was offered. There have not been enough drifting sands troops released to get to level 19 yet.

Solution: increase the price of the Legion Booster offer.

Has anyone been offered an event pet in the “Pet Gift” offer?

I have been offered the same pet three times so far because it is the only non-faction non-event pet I need to gain a kingdom power level. So that’s my anecdotal evidence of no faction or event pets in offers.


I have multiple kingdoms locked due to pets, and have been offered Blackhawk x2 (4 pets total), Pridelands x2, and Leonis x1. So four of my five offers have been for a single pet, and the other was for three.

I still have 7 kingdoms blocked due to no mythic, but have not been offered a pet for those kingdoms.

Mini-mimic, Shymera, Manticub…I blank out on names sometimes…

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Imagine that, they finally showed me an Imperial Deed and I bought it. Took the game long enough. If only I could tell the game, I’m interested in X item, sell me this stuff only.

2nd daily offer I’ve bought, 1st being a 75 gem Gaard Medal which I pitied since I could make those 75 gems back in tributes pretty easily. (I’ve since then ignored every 100 gem Gaard Medal)

Legion Booster is alright, but I don’t need the keys. This is a pretty expensive overall daily. I wonder what’s the most expensive combo someone has seen so far?

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Got this on an alt:


Must be trying to offer me the gold at a “discount”.


Forgetting about the “value” of the offer for a moment…

The game is catering the deals to the player - at least the middle offer. Every day for the past 6 days, I’ve gotten the 100 Knight XP offer.

I didn’t buy it any of those days. Take a hint? I’m not interested in saving 15 minutes for whatever the gem cost is.

Surely, they are measuring purchases vs offers. At what point, will this offer be replaced with something I might buy? Pets or something?


Take a hint? Level up your Knight so it doesn’t show up as a requirement for next kingdom power level.

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He’s not next in line, yet :slight_smile:

I highly doubt the algorithm is sophisticated enough to take turned down offers into consideration.

However, it seems you are the victim of bad RNG. I’m in the same situation with Sword’s Edge. I need to level one last pet to 20, and I need to get 9 more levels on the horrid Knight class. In the last 6 days, I’ve had pet offers and class offers.

My knight it at 71, he’s not blocking advancement - troops are so its not attainable.

Knight isn’t so bad now with Hadley, just use Champ of Gaard and cpvp is pretty quick.


That’s pretty worrisome that it keeps offering you something that isn’t blocking progress.