Ghulvania Power level

I can’t even get to level 26 unless I upgrade the final trait on Trick and Treat, which I don’t really want to do as I feel it makes the weapon weaker (just like Essence of Evil). Don’t even get me started on inflicting Lycanthropy.

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We mentioned the three silly daily deals since they exist and you did nothing about it until now.
But i’m glad to hear, that you will release two free weapons, before you will release a new troop for Ghulvania after this week…otherwise it will become paywalled.

Oof, I missed the Pets, I will bring that up to the team.


Appreciate your responses!

Especially this!

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don’t forget to also “bring up to the team” what “ANGI” wrote:

We mentioned the three silly daily deals since they exist and you did nothing about it until now.

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This is kind of an “elephant in the room” situation. Someone should probably say something.

Here’s one of the first posts giving feedback in regards to the “Kingdom Helper” offer:

That was two years ago. There has been a pile of bug reports and feedback threads ever since, at least half a dozen each year, like this one:

It’s usually getting “brought up with the team”, with nothing ever happening as a result. One would think that a “live service game” that is being “worked on incrementally” should be able to get something, or even anything done in two years. Unless your aren’t even trying.

I’ve had to write “political correct” messages like these myself, so I kind of understand the pain. For those less familiar with this particular type of communication, what is being said here is this:

Hey, we couldn’t care less about those Daily Deals, quit pestering us with feedback already. The Kingdom Helper offer is entirely server side, some quick fix change wouldn’t even have taken us an hour. If you still haven’t heard the message loud and clear after two years, this isn’t going to get worked on, ever.

I believe it would work out better if you just communicate the plain facts without embellishments, that Daily Deals are set in stone and will stay as they are, no matter the feedback. There obviously would be some grumbling, because from community perspective the requested changes are very reasonable. However, in the long run this would save the community the effort to write further feedback on the topic and you the effort to write something suggesting the feedback mattered in any way.


Indeed, that is also what I suspect and why I say they are showing contempt for their players. I only respect open and honest communication. You’re really not going to save your bottom line by being obtuse.

If you’re not going to fix something, just say it, so we can help explain it to the next player that comes here with a bug report. I’ve participated in many gaming communities over the decades and been a moderator, so I know exactly how this goes.

No embellishments:

The team are aware that players want better Daily Deals and the CX team have passed on details regarding what that means. We have not been told no, but we also haven’t been told when it will be addressed. Because it’s not next on the schedule (as far as I’m aware), we don’t have any details.

So all we can say is that we are absolutely aware of all the feedback, and we’ve had no debates about whether or not they should be improved, I just don’t have any details at all to share at this stage.

When we do, we will absolutely share them as we know this is something that has been asked for a lot.

If the answer was a no, by now we would have posted something with the reasons behind it.

We haven’t been told no, but we have no other information at this time.


This seems to be a good time for a reminder that we have been asking for a very long time for more communication. When we tear apart everything we hear from devs / community managers, assume they’re lying and have hostile intentions, and barrage them with never-ending arguments demanding endless answers, we are actively making it harder for communication to happen.

Feedback is good. Two-way communication is good. But let’s not assume the worst of the devs, let alone the community managers who aren’t in charge of these decisions.


Just to add we have a lot going on behind the scenes at all times. Currently the 2 biggest priorities are working on version 6.3 and, unrelated to 6.3, there are issues with Guild mail, there has been for a long time, to solve these issues isn’t trivial and is a huge time sink, so these 2 things are currently where the dev’s attention is.


If you gonna contact the developer team soon, maybe you can let them know, that Pridelands is petblocked for almost 2 years now on Switch.
There is just one regular pet (Shymera), one faction pet (Hellkitty) and one cosmetic pet (Tailchaser) which has been released in August 2020 and never appeared again since (coz I started playin in September 2020).
Dont know why Son of Tau hasnt been released on Switch in January btw.

Maybe you can start to introduce cosmetic pets i.e. every 2 or 4 weeks on Saturday like it was kinda the case half a year ago.

Thx for payin attention

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THIS is a huge improvement in our understanding.
we don’t want the exact schedule but knowing where time is put helps us being patient.
Really tx for letting know where effort is.

Anyway since the amount of players involved and dailiness of crap offers, probably the rework of daily offers should scale up priority when planning future releases.
Not the currently under work, obviously, but in the next 2-3 devs should really address the issue.
IMO at least.


Summing it up:

1.) Nothing has been done with the feedback the past two years.
2.) Nothing is planned to happen with the feedback.

I don’t want to give the impression of trying to shoot the messenger, I just don’t see how any further feedback wouldn’t be entirely pointless.

I’d like to propose a different approach. The community isn’t exactly asking for the daily offer functionality to get redesigned (although that would help a lot), the community is asking for the biggest pain points to be made less painful in some way. I’m pretty sure that can be done to some extent with some simple reconfiguration.

1.) The server calculates a set of triggers based on open kingdom power tasks (e.g. NEEDS_KINGDOM_LEVEL, NEEDS_WEAPON_UPGRADE, NEEDS_ELITE_TROOPS).
2.) There is some configuration that maps triggers to offers (e.g. NEEDS_KINGDOM_LEVEL → KINGDOM_HELPER, NEEDS_WEAPON_UPGRADE → INGOT_OFFER).
3.) There is some configuration that describes each offer (e.g. KINGDOM_HELPER = 1 event key plus 10k gold for 25 gems).

There’s probably nothing that can be changed about the first item, there absolutely shouldn’t be anything about the other items that is hard-coded. What the community needs is:

1.) Some data showing the current trigger to offer wiring, preferably along with a complete list of triggers in case some of them aren’t used. Just about any format will do (e.g. JSON file), we’ll figure out what it means.
2.) Some discussion about how that wiring could reasonably be changed within business constraints, like linking NEEDS_ELITE_TROOPS to something other than KINGDOM_HELPER, changing the contents of KINGDOM_HELPER or dropping the link entirely.
3.) Some update to those parts of the configuration that are agreed on to make sense, provided an agreement is reached.

Do you feel up to coordinating this, as community manager? The main effort would be to drag someone familiar with the configuration into this, as well as someone able to decide which changes are okay from a business point of view. And to turn up the heat a little, I seem to recall some posts saying how sad you are every time something ends up broken, so this would be an excellent opportunity to feel happy about something getting repaired.


I held off on adding 3rd trait to faerie gobmother and kitsune so I wouldn’t get kingdom helper offers. (which was frustrating since gobmother was a paid troop and needs the 3rd trait to function). I didn’t plan ahead and traited flaming skeleton before realizing the journey troop had to have 3rd trait. The effect was that I got back to back ingot offers the past 2 days in my middle daily deal slot because I did not max trick or treat because I don’t want to cast all effect on the 1st troop only to have them turn into a toad.

So, I just maxed trick or treat, and maxed the other two troops and now I sit at level 26 on 3 kingdoms, 1 purple (not magic) and 2 green, with no chance as it sits now of ever getting enough books and imperials to upgrade those 3 to 18, even if I wanted to, which I don’t…

Turns out this doesn’t work either, I have nothing past 20 and got kingdom helper today for ghulvania

I think you have your answer now about the devs, better give up to defeat them.
Now some have a pet problem with Ghulvania and others get ingot offers, though 14 weapons don’t exist.

Every new campaign I think back on all the bug fixes, new content, and communication since the previous campaign, and decide if it’s time to start supporting the game again with $10. The answer has been “no” for a very long time :frowning:


pretty late i know, but i wish us all good luck on that.
devs just needed over a year to solve that pet problem for Leonis Empire

Did you ascend all your Ghulvania troops to mythic?

Good call, I didn’t mythic the Journey troop and didn’t think of that. So this one is working as intended

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