Wins still count as losses

Platform, device version and operating system
Pc, Windows 10, Steam

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
This happens once every 70-80 battles or so, and if you are not paying attention it’s easy to miss, but now when you should get +2 hero xp when you win the battle it’s pretty easy to see no matter how quick you click on skip and collect rewards.

I obviously won the battle, it’s a VICTORY screen and if I didn’t I shouldn’t have the gnome rewards, but in the log and in my weekly stats it counts as a loss.

Also apparently I won the defend battle 1 minute in the future lol


A new update and the same old bugs? Never :joy:

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At this point, I thought it was a feature.

Yeap same ol crap. Nothing is fixed and the gnome locking up pvp also results in a loss. I think no effort is put in this game anymore.