Why isnt orbweaver immune to web

like the title suggests but i need to pad the body of this out.

it would seem only logical that the spider class would be immune to web.


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I was thinking that to myself this morning after switch over when I made up my orbweaver team and that lovely new purple spider gem that MY team created - webbed my champion.

Dark Ancestry would seem like a more “logical” trait than Mana Shield given the Zhul’kari connection.

Though there’s no consistency when it comes to the three Elf classes. Monk has Sky Ancestry – and it also has access to Fortitude through its’ Talent trees. But Archer doesn’t appear to offer anything that seems thematically “elvish”.

But the orbweaver is not a spider herself, merely one who communes with them, much like the Webspinner who also is not immune to web. Most spiders are not immune to web, as they fight each other for dominance.

Programmatically, it’d be easy to buff Orbweaver class to have Dark Ancestry trait instead of Mana Shield, but I’m guessing Orbweaver is used more heavily than most classes, particularly on PVP defense.

Many of the new gems have this issue, Fire, lycanthropy, cursed, but often the troop creating them has the resistance.

When you realize Firebomb isnt immun to burn, or The Frozen shieldbreaker isnt immun to Freeze