Why is the Lapina avatar genderlocked?

There are male Lapina cards. Why am I not able to have a male Lapina avatar? I bought the pack because I thought it would be fun and I genuinely thought the picture was demonstrating A female Lapina avatar not that it was THE only option. It’s 2022 y’all I think we should be a little beyond sexist class and race genderlocking. You realize how incredibly sexist that IS right? Maybe I’m only as mad as I am because I spent money on it but come ON. You can have bunny boys, you can have mighty dwarf women. (I’m assuming the dwarf is genderlocked male from the shop) We can be just a DROP more inclusive and for a very new player making their first purchase in the game this does not start us off on a good foot.

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Your post was perfectly reasonable until here.

On topic, I also think male Lapina avatar would be awesome and theres no real reason there aren’t any, I mean the Dwarf pack also got female dwarfs right?

They are are a trans man.

Not sure if you are being sarcastic here :sweat_smile: For anyone else unsure, no, there’s no female dwarf avatar.

I’d love to see more avatars of all genders. I don’t know how the devs determined it’s not worth it.

Because they haven’t released one. Get over it.


I wasn’t sarcastic for once lol
could have sworn I already saw female dwarfs, but perhaps that was also only troops. Weird, but this make the whole issue more acceptable for me

Trickster is a male Lapina

I don’t know why it’s not letting me do the quote thing so @HeliosNull I don’t believe there is no. On the listing for it in the shop it says “Male Dwarf” the way the Lapina said “Female Lapina” where I thought it was just an example not the exact situation so I’m pretty sure it’s the same way.

@Darkscythe Exactly! Right? Like if they can have Trickster be male why not the avatar? That’s one of the things that makes it extra dumb.

@HyperMushrambo Welcome to the boards Goodwill. They rarly do changes when it comes to the Heroes and such, I do say if we are lucky we will see a Lapina male 2027 Xmas time.

Devs abandoned the idea of adding new avatars years ago, apparently because the Dwarf and Lapina ones didn’t get enough sales. Possibly because they seem rather overpriced I think?


I agree. I would pay probably about $1 for a male Lapina @Graeme