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New hero avatars?

Will there be new hero avatars in the near future? Or something? Getting a little bored with the only 2 purchasable ones from the shop :slight_smile:

No, they didn’t sell well and it was somehow complicated with all the armor choices. So Sirrian once said…

They’re eight sodding quid. That’s why they didn’t sell well!
Why can’t they realise if they chuck in a pair of vip keys in with em and not some crap you don’t want and make em a fiver, they might actually sell more?


What bothers me is that you can only get a male dwarf avatar. If you’re a female player, you can’t be a dwarf. But hey, at least you can spend real money to make yourself into the hypersexual bunny-girl, instead. Really makes me feel welcome as a girl gamer, let me tell you.


I bought the bunny so that I could look like the Viera from FFTA. :stuck_out_tongue: I love cosmetic things and would buy more if there would be a female dwarf option - because despite loving being a Viera/bunny girl, I, as a girl gamer, also am somewhat unhappy with the options I have. I would really love some armor which doesn’t make me look like I’m going to the next strip club, too. Celestial is the only one that makes me feel like it really applies to combat.

Though honestly, the worst part is that wearing a helmet erases you hairstyle. That’s just dumb and I would also pay to have that fixed. Or just choosing more eyecolors and hairstyles. It can’t be that difficult to make the elven hair available for humans as well… just some tiny art nudge, right?


That is why I have never bought an avatar when they were released.
With the current state of the game, I wouldn’t buy anything anymore now, even if it looked cool.

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You know, I realized that my last post comes off like I’m eye-rolling at anyone who actually bought the bunny avatar, which I so didn’t mean to do. (And if you want to be Fran, more power to you; my FF obsession would buy an Al Bhed outfit in a heartbeat.)

Sometimes I love getting my avatar in a particular game to be all glam. But I hate it when the game assumes that “girl” means I only have stripperwear options. Why can’t I look like Tesla, or Queen Ysabelle? I want to rock a beard the way the Apothecary does. But the game feels like it decided guys are the “real” audience. So most of the female cards are sexualized, and all of the armor options are, too. Because a girl wanting to be fierce never crossed anyone’s mind. Or, worse, isn’t as important as eye candy for the guys.


Oh, I absolutely didn’t understand it that way! (I actually never liked Fran; just the first FFTA with the Viera. The sequel as well as FFXII were really not games I liked.) I mourn the fact that the avatar is so over-sexy as well, to be honest, with the makeup option it gives and all.

As Ysabelle is my favourite character, I would love looking like her in a heartbeat! :smiley: But yeah, overall, the game is still very over-sexualized despite some ladies being awesome. I’m sure the Green Seer, Queen Mab, Yasmine’s Chosen and many other girls would likely invite the female hero over for a support group for girls with constant bladder infections.:sweat: It’s still better in this game than in many others, where 100% of the girls are barely wearing anything at all while this game has at least some more normally-clad girls, but they’re still the absolute minority.

It’s sad that, even with this game really having far more female gamers than other online games, this is still so prominent. I feel the only thing this game does better than other games is equality in the sense that there seems to be a rather even distribution of male and female troops. Usually it’s either almost only boys or only oversexualized girls - both variations meant to appeal to male gamers.

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Nyx avatar plz

I agree with you both @Sheba and @Rellystra (even tho i’m a guy, i still like to use a female avatar in game.) Seems like we also need newer armor :slight_smile:

Do you have any specific suggestions as to what types of female characters, hairstyles or accessories you would like to see (other than what has been suggested)? Maybe some more braids? I really like the braids. O_O

I understand the concern - there’s not many avatars available, or customisation options. Perhaps this is something we can look into for the future.


id buy a bedazzled bra for my sheggra!

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I think what I would like would be

  • Eyecolor customisation. How silly is it that I cannot pick my eyecolor, but the color of my makeup? Seems like preferences gone wrong.

  • Really simple hairstyles. For example, I miss simple, straight, long hair for human females. It’s something lots of girls have in real life, so if anyone wants to make an avatar of themselves, having everyday hairstyles is a good idea. (That’s also where the eyecolor customisation wish comes from).

  • Braids would be cool as well, I agree! Also some pinned-up hairstyle maybe (not limiting this to humans alone).

  • I would love skincolor customization. Humans get two to choose from, the other races only one. I understand that it might be difficult for some races, but especially the avatars you buy with money (Lapina and Dwarf) would profit from that option and maybe become more popular.

  • Hair under helmets. I never wear my helmets because of that! It even erases the ears of my bunny! How silly is that? I paid for those ears and they disappear if I put on parts of my normal armor…

  • Armor-wise, I would like to see more covering stuff for females - I love purple, but both purple armors make me look horribly slutty. Also I would love more NORMAL armor. No skulls, spikes or anything like that. Just some stuff that doesn’t make me look evil. Choices are limited there, too. A lot of these armors look downright like only a villain would wear them.

  • I would like clothes. Right now, only the Pirate Armor really has huge amounts of fabric. I don’t want a t-shirt or anything not fitting into the fantasy theme, but a real mage’s robe (that’s really a robe and not whatever the Archmage’s armor is supposed to be), a princess dress that comes with a tiara and therefore doesn’t cover hair, a tuxedo for the guys… @Rellystra had some great ideas, listing Tesla and Ysabelle as inspirations. Heck, even though it’s revealing, Elspeth’s dress is at least a dress and dresses are like that. Armors… usually aren’t.

  • Something I would really love to see more than any of the things above would be kingdom-based armor. I want to dress like a knight of Sword’s Edge or a Devoted of Leonis (which, yeah, is revealing again, but I love egyptian-themed stuff :stuck_out_tongue:). Or like a goblin in rags! Basically, if I pick a character class like Sorcerer, I want to be able to look like one! And if I pick a class and perk that makes me count as a Giant, then give me something that makes my hero actually fit in somewhat more with the three other Giant-troops in my team. I want to thematically fit in with the troops!

  • Also, something a bit away from the topic: The hero is adressed in the storyline as a male. Is there any chance to make this gender-neutral? Kinda breaks the game immersion if I play as a girl and get called a guy by Elwyn.


Lol at the last part. Sorry don’t mean any disrespect it was just funny the wording of it and also, great ideas! :grinning:

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Did my English fail me at 6am in the morning?:rofl: It’s early in Germany and I was up all night. Well, better phrase things funnily than just wrong!:grin:

Oh, and, adding to the list above: Maybe being able to make the hero a goblin would be cool, too! The goblins are such a big part of the game with so many troops and often used (more than the other race-options the hero has), so I feel a goblin-look would be awesome!

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Lol no it perfectly fine :wink: and I would love a goblin avatar, another option I think would be cool is a fey avatar, or demon :smiling_imp: lol


I agree those would be cool! It would likely just be harder to make these races because they don’t have a “common” look like Raksha or Goblins have. Looking through my troops of demons and fey, though, there’s not really that much of a common theme; they’re all over the place. That would make it harder to create an avatar fitting into a troop theme.:thinking:

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Ture, but I think our devs could pull it off. :grinning:

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Yup! Maybe those avatar races could be made into a community thing again like the Shocktopus where we could then vote which of several designs we would want since there’s so many variety possibilities! That would be really cool.

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