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Lupine pack question

Hey geezys, wskill here. So i saw the lupine avatar pack in the store but its firstoff unclear if it includes both male and female lupines since im a male and my character is supposed to be a male i dont want to end up iwith a female character. Archetypes breh … i use my character in more games so i like it if it looks somewhat alike. Secondly… does the lupne avatar have equal skin and assecoire options or is it just a static picture with no customizations? Third: Are there any pictures of all the options cause i couldnt find any via google save for a show your avatar thread with some random female lupines in it. Lastly; Do the ears show through helmets and cowls or not? Thanks in advance.

Disclaimer: I’m working off the PC/Mobile version so it’s possible there are some differences for console.

I’m guessing you’re referring to the Lapina pack, since I believe the wolf/wargare (ie Lupine) avatar comes standard?

This is the screen I see on PC for the pack:

Also it seems like the Dwarf Avatar is male only, so it’s likely they’re counterparts so that each gender has an avatar pack. Also looking through the images in the game file there doesn’t seem to be a male Lapina. But the female does seem to get a number of customisation options similar to the other avatars (hair, eyes, mouth, scar etc).

Hope that helps, (and hopefully this is the same on Console as PC)

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Yup same on console, when you click on the bundle you can read female

oh, yeah sorry meant lapina, ohwell sadly no male lupina. thanks.