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Why gems are so expensive?

I was wondering why the gems are so ridiculously expensive? I am vip level 9 almost 10 and for 100$ + taxes i can buy 2175 gems, it is not enough for 50 vip chest. In my opinion it doesn’t even make sense

Why not cut the prices in half? I would buy more of course if it was more resonable prices

Yes gems is one of the most over-priced games when it comes to money and how many gems\crystals one gets. Yes I play a shit load of online games.


You must consider that you can get them for free as well. They are easy to get and therefore to slow production or demand for them the price is raised. This is also used as a stopgap to prevent pay-to-win.

I know you can get them for free but prices are still ridiculous, if you don’t want it to be a pay to win well just dont give the option to buy it

Actually that is what glory is for. Glory and gems are both equally good currency and readily available, however gems are at a price to slow down demand where as glory is set to zero and not buy-able which raises glory’s demand.

Many of the shop prices are still scaled for the old economy of the game. Every single shop purchase could give 50% more and it would then just be at par. The only purchases that are really worth getting are:

  • Most of the starter packs
  • Daily Gems
  • Daily Maps
  • Deathknight Pack
  • Possibly the 6x 6 Arcane Traitstones
  • Some $50 Legend Packs of Better Legends