Gem sale even at VIP 11 not even remotely worth it...(imo)

Am I alone here wondering why the cost of gems is so outrageous in this game? I have never bought the gem packs other than the $4.99 cdn sub which is 15 gems for 15 days or 225 gems which adds up slowly over time and allows me to support the game somewhat. (that said I do buy other subs which I think are the only real items of value in the shop, items like gold, gems subs, ring of wonder, Growth and Path to glory packs etc all decent value doled out over time compared to virtually every other offering. Death Knight armour of course is another example especially for a new player that plans to play for a long time (which is something I bought as well).

I saw the Facebook post that there was a new St Patrick’s day sale so I figured I’d check it out. I did and It still seems ludicrous to me. If I was a new player I’m going to spend $100 cdn for 1500 base plus 750 bonus - 2,250 total gems which is one 50 pack of VIP keys with about a 5%-10% chance or so for the mythic (if that… I’ve opened 300 in a row now with out a single mythic so I have no idea what the % rate is anymore perhaps I’m just unlucky in an epic way). Even at my VIP level (11) I only “end up” with 3,075 total gems for $100.

The math on the sale has the 15 day sub still as a way better deal if you can wait the weeks to get the gems. My VIP 11 “Mother-lode” works out to 3.25 each gem and the sub for anyone works out to 2.22 each gem.

I really think they need to go back and have a serious look at the price of gems or the quantity you are getting for $100. It boggles my mind that anyone would pay $100 for so few considering the “gem” cost of everything in the game these days. (And yes I’m sure this has been discussed before but never before has the game “requested” so many gems to play all the new modes due to the shop tier costs. I really think if they expect most players to buy up to Tier 3 or 4 in these new modes which seems to be the general expectation I get from reading the recent threads that they need to drastically increase the amount of gems $100 is getting you.


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They seem to think that they’re a AAA company and for some reason believe they’re releasing massive content packs in these gems…


When I was a level 200, I bought the 100 dollar pack. I got Plague. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I’m now over 1000, and I’m never paying real money for this game unless I see a DRASTIC change to the prices.

The more recent turn to pay to win/play has all but solidified my decision. And by DRASTIC, I mean unrealistic. The devs are cool people from what I know of them and seen, but whatever obligations or ties prevent them from making adjustments to the game are going to be the downfall of it.


Seriously, with lower prices, I would buy gems and in time I would spend more than now.
It’s hard to spend $120 all in once for 1500 gems. If it were $10 for 500, I would buy them weekly.


Anyone who buys gems with real money is either very wealthy or doesn’t realize what a rip-off they actually are. Even the 5$ daily pack which is the best value gem/$ in the game is still a rip-off. Let me show you why.

Let’s say you bought the pack continuously for a year. That’s $10 a month = $120 a year. That will get you 6000 gems. 6000 gems will get you about 130 VIP keys which SHOULD be enough to get you a Mythic but MAYBE NOT! I’ve many times spent 150 or 200+ VIP keys to get the new mythic.

Even if you DO get a mythic from those 130 VIP keys I hope you really enjoy it and use it a lot because that mythic just cost you $120!!!

I know you also get some other stuff like some legendarys and traitstones and such but if you think that’s worth 120 you must be crazy. You could buy 2 WHOLE BRAND NEW AAA GAMES for that price instead of just a new troop card in a match-3 game. And this is from the best value gem/ pack that exists lmao.


I’ve been arguing from the start the prices and payoffs are ridiculous.

You need look no further than they value Deathknight Armor at $125. Some passive bonuses and 30 shots at a Legendary/mythic (for a haul of most likely 2-3 decent cards?) is pitched as worth more than Breath of the Wild, Final Fantasy XI, Pokemon, the entire Metal Gear Solid series, etc. That takes some Juicero kind of disconnected Silicon Valley logic.

The only thing I spend my money on lately is diamonds, because that’s the only purchase I see that points at a part of the game I somewhat like.


you probably could buy real diamond for the price of virtual diamond here in term of gem value.

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The packs themselves have always been disgustingly expensive but I would imagine many bought in due to VIP chest access.

It is no longer worth having access to them due to the cull on gem resources, that feels a lot like a swindle. Seems to be a short term business model.

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At least I can somewhat see the value of that armor. Let’s say you bought that armor Day 1 and play even 50 battles a day (just an arbitrary number) for a year. In the long run, that is a lot of souls, xp, and gold, especially if you use it in the right places (souls farming teams and such). I can see some value in it. Not saying $125 worth, but I do see it.

Other things, like gems, can be a joke. Especially because if you’re buying them in the hopes of getting a Mythic, there is no guarantee and that sucks. At least if you spend $50 on Path of Glory II, you are guaranteed a Mythic. Now, I’m not saying that is or isn’t worth the money, I’m just saying that if my goal was a Mythic, I’d rather spend $50 on that pack and know I’ll get one than spend $50 on gems and hope I get one.

Also, speaking of DK Armor, its very existence is why I hate the Ring of Wonder. Why in the hell would I pay $20 for +50% for only a month when the DK armor is +100% and I can keep that for as long as I play the game (which, so far, has been 16 months, for me, and I’m still going)? In that situation (or in almost any other), the Ring at $20 is a joke, unless I only plan on playing the game for a month. But, in that case, why even spend anything? That would be stupid.

Also when there was no orbs it was a thing to be vip 11 and get new troop at level 15 but now with the orb, you better keep your money, just get vip 3 for free scout and that’s it

they had a seal sale a few weeks ago and I have never seen so many buy seals…no one has bought them since. That shows you at the right price people will spend money. That was a real sale. I guess they would rather not sell them @ $20 then sell them like hotcakes @ $5.

What was this “seal” sale? You mean guild seals for the weekly “seal” chests? Was that on PC/ Mobile only (I don’t remember it - not that I would have bought it anyway we already do 40k these days with out having to do anything extra).

Back to the OP I made the more I think about it the more it confounds me. Even with my 55% more gems due to VIP level and 50% more gems due to the sale $100 for 3k gems is a horrible deal :thinking:

Yes, The 10$ Seals bundle price was reduced to 5$. Almost everyone in the guild bought it

This was giving 4 keys to everyone i remember at the end of the week i had over 200 keys + the seals :slight_smile: and catched the mythic with it so i was really happy

Like i mentionned in another thread, the additional % gems suck it would be much better if they decrease the % on the price, so the 100$ bundle would be 50$, if they did that instead of giving more gems for same price i would probably buy 1x and it would be +50$ from my pocket to their pocket,
But instead of that they got 0$ from me :slight_smile:

That is probably a better alternative to cut the prices by 50% but I’d take it one step further and 1/2 the cost plus double the gems in the pack and they would actually start selling them at a much higher rate i’d think.