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Why aren't Hero Class weapons listed?

Seems odd that they aren’t in the weapons list and the only way to view them is by unlocking the class. Shouldn’t they be listed and say, “Only available from Hero Classes” or something like that?

To keep the weapon’s info a secret from everyone until the game is data mined for the info. On the wiki they don’t have any info about hero classes yet and it is almost a week into the update.

It’s a little over a day into the update, and there’s a ton of stuff in this update.

You might be right that they wanted to keep it “secret” but that seems silly to me. Seems much better to have it listed so it’s a carrot.

Just wait till @MrSammy (my only hope) unlocks all the hero weapons.

Folks have already given him the data. Just a lot of data to ingest.

someone has already unlocked all the weapons and posted an image but just so that this thread can have the info too

Archer - Dragon Oak - 14 Green Mana

Deal (5+?)X damage to an enemy and remove all gems of one of that troop mana color in order to boost damage (boost ratio 2:1)

Knight - Serve and Protect - 14 Blue Mana

Gains (1+?)X Defense and move your character in the first slot, all other unit gain barrier (a unit with barrier takes no damage for one hit)

Necromancer - Creeping Death - 14 Black Mana

Place deathmark (an enemy with death mark has a 10% chance to die after 2 turns) on the strongest and on the weakest enemy, deal (1+?)X damage to all enemies

Priest - Staff of St.Astra - 14 Yellow Mana

cleanse all allies and give all other allies X life

Sorcerer - Daemonomicon - 14 Black Mana

Summon a random level X daemon

Warden - Warden Gauntlet - 14 Brown Mana

Destroy a row and a column, Deal (3+?)X damage randomly split around enemies, boost by green gem destroyed (boost ratio x3)

Warlord - Warlord Battlecry - 14 Red Mana

Deal (2+?)X Damage to an enemy, boosted by enemy attack (boost ratio 1:1)

That’s because we didn’t give poor Mr.Sammy much warning about the amount of content coming.