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Why are cards inaccurate? Hive Mind

Hive Mind steals magic. No problem. I understand the trait. It does not say however, steals up to … it actually specifies the magic it will steal. I understand some troops have traits that reduce the impact of attacking troops trait ; however consistently where this is not a factor, Hive Mind does not steal the total magic it states it is capable of stealing. So what you ask; well either it steals the amount stated or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t steal the amount stated outside of any blocking traits ; then the trait is inaccurate; a lie or broken. Truth with traits taking into consideration blocking trait factors should be transparent. Shoddy, grody gaming trait information otherwise. Truth with traits; obviously too much to ask as per usual.

You cannot steal something enemy doesn’t have…
Same goes for stealing attack/life spells. Upper limit is always what the target unit has…

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Thankyou for trying to explain what is happening, however, yes I understand this. You cant steal what it doesn’t have. If it has no magic , nothing there. But if it has 30 magic and no blocking traits , you should steal actually 30 magic not 27 and leave 3 . I I have checked . I am monitoring . It is not a consistent trait. It often leaves some random low magic number. So what; it has removed magic yes. But if it says 30; it should be 30, not ; oh dear, poor troop and leave something. It either steals the magic stated or not. Currently with consideration of any blocking trait, it does not. The trait is incorrect.

Could you track which troops are having their magic preserved and if by any means they have any spell damage reduction traits ?

if not, write them (troop names) in this topic, that might be an issue to report as a bug.

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On a wild guess I suspect you are looking at spell damage numbers after stealing magic to determine that a “low magic number” is left. That won’t work, most spells do [magic + x] damage, meaning the spell will still do x damage at zero magic.


That’s what i thought too. The actual magic of a troop, you can see on the front card (red on the screenshot). You might be looking at the one in yellow on the screenshot.