Will Guild Wars Troops eventually be Super-Broken?

It seems to me like the final trait of each of the Guild Wars troops (+5 to all stats for the GW troop’s color) has the potential to get super silly if playing with a team of 4x of that troop. Let’s do the math, assuming all magic kingdoms are maxed and GW troop fully leveled/ascended/traited:

Spell is Magic Stat+3 bomb damage to a troop, triple damage if 13+ Gems on board of that troop’s color.

Magic Stat of 12 at max level, +10 for kingdoms (5 stars), +20 for final trait bonuses=42 magic

Base damage from spell of 45 damage for 11 mana cost.

Now triple that, assuming 13+ gems are on the board, that’s a bomb of 135 damage for 11 mana.

Not only that, but each troop would have +20 health, +20 armor, and +20 attack, an extra 40 damage you need to deal to kill each of them. Forget skull baiting without entangle, because that’s a ridiculous amount of attack (Aurai, for example, would be attack of 43 at the start of the battle, not including kingdom bonuses.)

This seems even more broken than the Guardians. The only thing stopping this from being insane is that they take a lot of resources to trait and the scarcity is built in with the Guild Wars reward structure, but with time, each of these troops would be readily available to a wide player-base. Could these troops have the potential to truly change the meta?


I don’t think it’s really a problem. Yes, these stats look crazy. But to get them you need to limit yourself to one colour - and even AI is quite good at mana denial, so you’ll probably cast once or twice a battle at most. Not to mention mana drainers. I’m still much more afraid of DK or Psion/Fam/Death/Fam or Kerb/FG combos :slight_smile:

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The cost of 11 is hilarious. People just don’t realize how OP they are going to be because no one has setup an abuse yet.

Remove 1 from the team…create a generator…and the possibilities are hilarious…

Loop the Blue one with Valk.

AI cant mana deny yellow, red and blue all…

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I’m with you in that there are probably bigger things to be afraid of, but those stats are truly nuts. One skull match with those stats takes a huge chunk out of many troops, and +40 damage is super annoying. Don’t forget that these troops are also kingdom-aligned, so they could get single- or double-boost weeks…

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Last week of June through a bit of July will see 3 consecutive weeks with one of these each week, so we’ll see what happens. But keep in mind the +5 stat won’t scale, so for a full team of 4 it will be still +20 not +25 or +30.

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Well, they were obviously created for mono-colour team for guild wars

Right, the +20 would not scale, but the base stat still would. I’m interested to see how these shake out during event weeks, for sure.

A single psion on top to completly kill 4 troops. Psion and 3 peasents would beat that.


Yeah, was just looking at Ogryn. If a Grosh-nak / Orc buff came through, mine will do 99 on a red-loaded board and have 60 attack.

Here is my Ultra-Rare Ogryn, in a team of 4, full traits, full kingdoms, full statues:

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has anyone try it in battle? does it make a good 4 copy team or it just looks good on paper?

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I’ve been pondering some possibilities once I get at least one of these guys fully traited. There is definitely some potential for game-breaking teams.

For example, two in a team with Crimson Bat and a mana generator would be sick. His base spell damage would go from say 15 to 25 true damage, plus the +10 attack which is doubled for wounded enemies…


Tesla or Rowane and 2 or 3 of these things would also be ridiculously fun to play with.

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thinking of doing the brown one for Stone-Farm Team.
Brown guild war guy.

He gives +5 armor and magic to Boombot at start
Sack it to the Princess, fills the Bots and Boom.


I suggest hero with Imp Jewel instead of 2nd Bombot, it gets the bonus from Troglodyte and it gives you a damage source that can kill those with Life Drain.

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I’m on ps4 and have been collecting mono arcanes specifically for these gw troops. We’ve got green (Aurai) and red (ogryn) so far.
I’ve fully traited both and will have the yellow one (peryton?) fully traited come Monday.
I’ve tried Aurai and yes triple damage is powerful but 13 gems on the board Is a lot and occasionally you’ll have to sacrifice an extra turn just to to get that extra damage.
I have purple arcanes ready for to go too but I’ll have to look at the rest of the colours!
Is like to know more about these things and how they work if you want to discuss them here?
The problem I have was in ascending them. I’ve foolishly ascended then to ultra rare and left no spares! I like to double up with these.
We’re in bracket 1 and got 32 of each the first two weeks and we’ll get the same if you we stay where you we are currently.
Good discussion.

That’s why I’m annoyed with myself, my bat would be doing 30 true damage! However I’m sitting with one UR ogryn because of my daftness and overly keen nature to ascend without thinking.

It will become like Magic the Gathering has, old cards will become worthless and you’ll need the new cards to be competitive. This leads to $$$ in a game like this that will turn into pay to win instead of just pay to advance faster.

Already the crafting system IF it uses traitstones as well as souls will become a pay to win vs pay to advance faster game. Those that don’t have the traits if they are competitive or in a competitive guild have a need to “purchase” the traitstones to stay in the competitive field or get left behind and possibly booted from certain guilds.

Oh it will still be touted as “free to play” and that part will still remain true. It’s the underlying messages that will change from free to pay.

They’ve been overall pretty good with the power creep. I’m frankly shocked they don’t take the LoL approach where every Mythic is OP as hell then they nerf it with the next update. If anything, the Mythics tend to be underpowered.

When you think about it, some of the biggest causes of concern are actually pretty old troops. Kerberos, Death, Death Knight, Famine… none are especially new and some are very old.

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