[Not a Bug] Ace of Wands spell working as intended?

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Is the spell really working as intended? Giving a fixed single point of magic to a single ally feels quite underwhelming, this would be bad even on a common rarity troop.


Hopefully a bug because that’s extremely lame.

That and getting an old pet plus lots of meh troops isn’t very enticing.


I’ve asked the development team about this and the spell’s description is correct, as this is the intended design of the Ace of Wands troop.

Thank you for your feedback. I have provided thoughts about the spell to the development team.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

Your dev team’s design is to give a flat 1 magic? One? A legendary troop that gives 1 magic for a cast to 1 ally and that’s all it does. Does anybody there even play their own game anymore?

Trait #3: Suit of Wands
Give 1 Magic to all Allies when matching 4 or more Gems.

Even the 3rd trait is more effective than casting the actual troop for its effect. Does that even sound right as a intended design?

I have an extremely hard time not believing it wasn’t just a typo of {1}, which is often used as a placeholder data for Magic before its finalized with proper data. Considering the rush job on these Kingdom Pass Broken Spire troops, I seriously wouldn’t put it past that.

as a reference point from Hellcrag. (!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 2) - #649 by sylverscale

Please check again. We really don’t need another [Not a Bug] Maze Banner issue where every actual player saw the issue for the longest of time that only got stealth fixed 2 years from release.


1 Magic isn’t even remotely SLIGHTLY close to game breaking, game balanced, anything. Its not even logical. We have RARE troops that give 2 magic to an ally. Wooooo boy.

We even have a different Tarot card that already gives magic:

Draw The Star

Give [(Magic / 2) + 1] Magic to a random Ally. There is a 7% chance of an extra turn for each Yellow Gem on the board. [7x]

No shot we’re supposed to get “1” Magic.


I look forward to the ninja change of give an ally 10 magic (instead of 1) that will occur 2 years after this bug was reported as working as intended.

No one will be aMAZEd.


This was essentially The Possessed King, though (but the spell can be useful as Transform or extra damage); and the other Tarot (The Star) that already gives Magic probably doesn’t have as good a third trait:

All that being said, a flat 1 Magic still baffles. +1 Magic on 4+ matches isn’t that incredible to warrant a blank spell slot.
Emperinazara is also Legendary, giving twice the effect of Ace of Wand’s third trait (i.e. 2 Magic on 4+ matches), while also having a useful spell.

Ace of Wand’s spell essentially translates to a percent chance to pass the turn without affecting the board, but even that’s not guaranteed :thinking:.

1 Magic as a Spell might help the very newest of players in battle, albeit very slowly, but the overlapping Venn diagram with those who are also likely to obtain this card seems pretty small (i.e. close to, if not zero).

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The legendary construct troops sole purpose is to get those who don’t want to spend money to spend money since they are very difficult to get as more get added to the vault…they have given up even trying to make them seem like they do something at this point …


next mythic’s spell:
do 10 damage to any single enemy.


If the spell is truly functioning as intended, they should probably change its name to Eat a Bag of Wands.


I suspect there will be more “give 1 (armor/life/attack)” tarots. Pathetic.

P.S. I feel the right name for the spell is “Shut up and pay”


This is just sad. You might as well just ask people $10 to upgrade their kingdom level, as that is blatantly all this troop is currently “good” for. That alone is a stretch.

Copying legendary/mythic traits due to laziness is one thing, but we have a vault troop that is infinitely better and another few legendary troops that already have that trait and don’t suck.

Hopefully the Xerox behind troop design gets a raise for a performance.


We all know the answer to that is no.


This sounds like a legitimate explanation. Part of what makes a good placeholder is that it CANNOT be confused for legitimate data (though this is also limited the by game engine involved, e.g. if your sprintf() -like function uses {} for placeholders then you can’t do anything to change it)

But yeah, the spell effect and 3rd trait seem really underpowered. Compare just these that I can name off the top of my head:

Dragonguard (Hero Class)

  • +1 Life/Magic per match of 4
  • Dragon allies only (including self)

Emperinazara (faction Legendary)

  • +2 Life/Magic per match of 4
  • All allies

Dervish (Hero Class)

  • +2 All Stats per match of 4
  • Monster allies only (includes self)

Troop-Type Guild Guardians (Cunning, Persistence, etc.)

  • +4 All Stats per match of 4
  • Matching allies only (includes self)

(Aside: Bullygnoll makes a fun combo with Persistence AND Ferocity because of its dual typing)


Well, I have to admit that it really is a very novel idea to make the key incentive for purchasing the kingdom pass an intentionally useless troop without a real spell. Then again, other games also restrict their cash offers to cosmetics only, it’s good to see that Gems of War is finally beginning to tag along.

Seriously though, someone forgot to add magic scaling to the spell template, it’s probably supposed to be something like [magic / 2] + 1, similar to other tarot cards. I’m sure that the current description matches what the spell currently does, that’s not what this bug report is about though.


To make it even more enticing, they also added an old pet. Marketing!

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I figured this was one of those starter troops that you’d only use in the first few kingdoms. If you spent money to buy traitstones for the 3rd trait, it would give a significant boost to a starting player.

Which is technically enough to mark the entire report as not a “bug”, depending on the precise definition of “bug”.


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This 100% seems like just the latest reiteration of the same communications problems that pop up over and over again between the Community team and the programmers.

Players find an issue that is obviously an oversight (in this case a spell placeholder “1” that was accidentally left in instead of updated to be 1 x Magic level like every other spell ever), reports to the Community team. Community team takes it at face value to the programmers. Programmers either look at their code and continue to miss the same mistake that was pointed out, or don’t even look at the code and say “looks right to me” and it gets rejected as “Not a Bug”. However, anyone who has any history of playing the game can tell you immediately how underpowered and unrealistic that spell is for the rarity of troop, value of troop in paid content, and consistency with other similar troops.

It comes down to someone in the IP2 chain either never actually checked the spell code/description critically, fundamentally misunderstanding the reason it was flagged as a bug and didn’t communicate it correctly (just presented it without context or comment), didn’t want to admit they made a mistake and are memoryholing it away like so many other things, or put it in the “Too Hard/Not a Priority” file and said this isn’t worth the time to fix.