[Not a Bug] Ace of Wands spell working as intended?

I’m confused…

A large part of the complaint was that Ace of Wands’ spell doesn’t scale with magic – at all. It doesn’t matter if its Magic is 0 or 1000. I don’t think buffing itself achieves anything.

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You missed this hypothetic scenario “IF” part, hence the confusion.


Wow. Ain’t power creep “fun”?

Yes that was literally the complaint, I know, but there’s simply no way to make it scale by Magic without creating a runaway exploit usable at ANY team level, or without rendering at least two “major arcana” inferior to one “minor arcana” (because a buff on a target of your choice is always more optimal than the same buff on a random or fixed target).

I’m not saying a scalable buff would make Ace of Wands good. I’m just guessing at an explanation for WHY the fixed buff was confirmed “working as intended” and “not a bug”.

Don’t worry, it’s completely overshadowed by “Removal all Skulls”. I still don’t think people will use the troop, even though it’s strong.

fixed target for buffs is better for AI defense teams over of your choice. easier to know where the buff is going and then making defenses around that consistency.

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