Who should I fight? LOL (Bugged...)

Finished a game of PvP, now this is what I see there. Did I beat the game?

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Lmao. That was a risk using the same pic twice in a row, but i’ll allow it. Well played Sir.

Yeah Phaethon you completed the game. You missed the secret levels though.

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He completed it on easy difficulty, therefore no secret levels for him…


No, it was hard the whole time. I promise.

Uhmm… Hello?

Guys? Where are you?

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Dear @ZooKeeper, im sorry i didnt let you know earlier - i got bored fighting you, im not gonna show in your pvp list anymore as you always use the same moves and i just dont feel like doing the old same, ive moved to fight different players now. others probably feel the same way i do.

  • sincerely, Annaerith

ps. the temporary fix (not always works) is to refresh pvp casual page

So I restarted my game, I got updates on steam. Then I went back to game and the empty screen PvP was fixed, I can see the enemies. Then I went into a battle, took me quite few retries because I kept getting connection time out error. I finally got into the game, and win the battle. Then I got this error at the end of battle:

I had to Alt+F4 to escape this error. And my win counted as lose. There goes my winning streak… again. sigh

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So I tried to PvP again on steam as you asked @Nimhain. First battle I won, counted as lose, but no error. 2nd battle I won and I got that “inconsistent result” error again. Also counted as lose.