Who else has 6 of the new dragons already?

I just got emeraldrin from the dragon egg, rubirath as 1st then amethialas and as 3rd garnetaerlin and not a double! That’s what I call RNG

More and more people posting they got the 6 dragons…

With cursed runes we have at least some use for them after everything is unlocked…is there any plans to use Dragonite in the future or will it end up like orbs of power completely worthless but still something being sold and given away?

For the sake of those who don’t have thousands of gems to spend on Dragonite, I hope there won’t be too many uses for it. For majority of people, it’s going to be a long time before they get to 6 dragons, let alone the extra craftables.


you can craft diamantina 4 times based on dragonite of Perfect run alone.

Joined the club today. Perfect run, red day, missing dragon was red - a lucky omen.

11 eggs


This game is a joke, 3 eggs and everytime the same dragon.

How do you think I feel?

good job devs! /s

I’ve used 2500 Dragonite crafting duplicates. At 300 gems per 60 dragonite, that’s 12,600 gems. If I was to purchase that from the gem store, that would cost $500 (3750+2250+2250+2250+2250) for 12,750 gems (and that includes my VIP level 10 bonus).

Imagine spending $500 to get duplicate boss troops.

Shame on you devs. No, I didn’t spend $500, but I spent the equivalent in gems, and if you want people to spend money on the game, then you need to consider those things interchangeable. So if I use gems, no matter where I got them from, it’s worth that amount of money.

@Kafka Maybe you can pass along to the developers my personal story here. I am super frustrated that I have wasted 12,600 gems and gotten nothing from it. That is unbelievable. You can tell them I have LITERALLY exchanged 12,600 gems for dragonite and I have NOTHING in the game to show for it. Duplicates don’t mean anything. They are worthless.


Same. Looking at it that way is definitely painful.

I’m happy that I’m done with that part of the RNG but wow…

Granted, I got a few perfect runs but that would be splitting hairs here.

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Yep…horrible…and we need to continue to complain even as they bring a way to target a dragon late next year…because maybe…just maybe…there is a 1 percent chance they won’t repeat with their next new currency that will be worthless in a year

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This thread feels like the equivalent of the Mythic Troop announcements in Global Chat… :stuck_out_tongue::confused:

Emphasises positive results from a small subset of players, which can mislead and give a skewed impression to our poor human intuitive statistics capabilities, which here could include devs too (“some of you already have 6 Dragons!”).

Aka FOMO (for other players).


Just wait until you have all 6 dragons. But are then 3,000 Dragonite away from crafting the 7th.

So it feels like I just started over. (Haven’t had a perfect run since the latest patch so I wouldn’t be shocked if they rigged the system AGAIN)

200w (3)


I will have the last one before the end of the month


Nice, i thought i was lucky as i got the 3 in a row i needed to craft 1st weapon, after that i got another 1 new dragon so have 4 but since then ive gotten 4 red dragons in a row! Absolutely mad, so i have 5 red dragons, i have a dupe of the purple too and all in all only 4 out of the 6…

Just got my last gem dragon this morning. 6 unique out of 9 total. I have the ring of fire crafted, need the ring of ice, combination ring, and Diamantina still.

Phew, that feels good to have the RNG dragon egg gauntlet done for this part of things. Now I can go back to my daily failure to get Perfect Runs!