Who else has 6 of the new dragons already?


Took 9 total eggs for me to finally get that 6th troop


And how many Gems?


Around 19 to 20 thousand so far …should be 12 thousand more to get three weapons and final 7th dragon …so 32 thousand total gems …which is like 3200 gems each mythic and weapon

Ouch! Expensive… :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

Just got my 5th unique dragon the other day. I’m 5 unique for 8 total dragon eggs opened. Just waiting on Sapphirax as the last one. I’m not sure whether the dragonite I’m collecting now is going towards the first weapon or towards trying for the last dragon.

I was going to wait until I had 3500 Dragonite before I tried for my 6th…but decided to try two eggs at once for my 6th and got lucky. I figured what the heck might as well try because while I do believe they will fix this next year…my gut says 6 months before we see something

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Yeah, they’re not going to dial back on this course of action for a long time as it has people spending down their gem stockpiles on duplicates.

I think I just talked myself into crafting the weapon first in that at least it’s a tangible bit of progress that isn’t a gamble of rare resources. Then I’ll go fishing for more eggs.


I was originally optimistic but then I remembered all the other features that were promised to be “fixed”, but haven’t been looked at. Does anyone remember when they said they were going update old classes’ traits, like Warden? I still remember. It was one of the few dev streams I was able to catch live and I was extremely excited when they talked about it. That was years ago.

So instead of saving my dragonite, I’m just using it as I go.


How many unique dragons you got so far?

Crafted the two missing ones this morning:


I have been extremely unlucky with my eggs…

I have purchased extra dragonite for 300 gems per day every day. I’m at 484 gems currently. Unfortunately, I did NOT use the tool that allowed easy dungeons when it was available, so I missed out on a ton of dragonite.

It doesn’t help though that my chance for a missing dragon is only 50% and will continue to go down as I get more of my missing dragons.


This tool only slightly increased the chance of a perfect run.


Not happy xp.

Woohoo, made my seventh dragon today!


Jesus christ, what a dumb system.


I’m currently sitting at 0 dragons, the opposite end of the spectrum. No perfect runs and not buying Dragonite with gems will do that though lol. At this point I’m just pretending dragons don’t exist


Current system there will be people who will play every day and not have all the dragons in two years…but at least they plan on something next year…

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It really is

Me too, am a mother of dragons now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Got the last one today. 7 eggs total. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy about the outcome