Who do I fight?

I know this must be a stupid question, but…here goes.

If I have been invaded and I retaliate (revenge), who do I fight?
The team who invaded me or their defence team?

Reason for this silly question: I cannot believe that my defence team have been beaten by this particular team build: x1 green slime, x2 Tyri and x1 dwarven miner AND his level is about 150 levels below mine.

I normally do not worry about my defence team’s results because I experiment a lot but that team defeated 4 my fully capped team of dragons!

I have invaded a lot of times where Ii can clearly see that the defender just tries to get as much gold as possible but this particular team had almost zero attack capabilities.

Thanx in advance.

In either scenario you fight their defense team. They could attack with a fully mythic and traited legendary lineup, but if they defend with a single unleveded peasant. You fight the peasant.


Aaah, thanx for the quick response.

No problem, its what the forums are here for. :+1:

yeah - ive invaded many enemys where i only had to fight a fortress gate^^