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Which GoW troop do you think has the most teeth?

Discuss away!

Wall of Bones


Sister of Shadows… if you know what I mean :wink:

Innuendos aside:
Wall of Bones hands down… and feet, and skulls, and clavicles. I mean, the WHOLE troop is a heap of bones of all types of creatures, which I’m assuming has a generous helping of TEETH.

If we’re talking LIVING troops, however, or as not to exclude undead, mechs, etc - you mean troops that appear to possess some form of animation, then it would be this guy… er… THESE guys… bats. Look at their little mugs, they have like 30 teeth each, and theirs a whole swarm of them.

But, again, I can understand if that’s not a suitable answer as you might be wondering about the most teeth restricted to a SINGLE, animated troop, in which case, I’d argue this guy: The Great Maw. I mean, come on. It makes sense, he gets his name from EATING things. Only problem here is, this is only based off of the ASSUMPTION that those circular rows of teeth continue much further than what is shown, so it’s really only speculation.

So, that brings me to my LAST competitor. This one is a single, animated, NON-speculated troop, as I can CLEARLY see his enormous amount of chomping utensils.

But, there’s also Ancient Horror, Giant Spider, Kuarg the Dread, Hydra, Kerberos, etc.


I like your reasoning. Where would you put, Hydra?

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Really, I very nearly put Hydra above Lamprey, but due to the fog and whatnot, it’s not clear that Hydra is actually a single creature with many heads, or many hydra with varying levels of heads. I think it would be safe to assume it’s all ONE creature, but then we get into the study of moral psychology… what is an INDIVIDUAL. Congenital twins are considered two SEPARATE individuals, even though they possess one body (or rather, one conjoined body), so it could be argued that Hydra is NOT a single individual, rather, multiple individuals all sharing one body. So… I just skipped it and put Lamprey.

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There’s also Scylla, but, again, where do you draw the line at individual Troop?

Certainly not the Hag and Baba Yaga.

@Crow Pentinence. Lol