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Favorite monster troop team

For me, my current monster troop set-up is:
-Great Maw
Other monster troops I like to use occasionally: Rock Worm, Gorgon, and Golem. I need to train Emperor Khorvash and Crimson Bat though.
What are some of your favorite monster troops or at least monster troops you like using?

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actually as you said. I ´m using this:

Emperor Korvash
Crimson Bat

In the 3 slot I’m using hero with creeping dead to not change team many times.

But I probably also put there Great Maw or Chimera.
Actually with all these famine´s and deaths, Manticore and Korvash are always in my teams actually.

I must be one of the few who’s not bothered training and traiting up their manticores! I like chimera, crimson bat now he’s fully traited and giant spider. I’m pretty sure it’s a monster! I don’t have a monster team though. Not yet.

Giant Spider is a Beast! Very useful for the new Maugrim legendary but not a monster unfortunately.