Which Difficulty Have You Been Using Since v.1.0.85 Rolled In?

For console players, this is relatively new compared to our PC/ Mobile counterparts. Therefore, I am curious with the difficulty setting each of you have have chosen to play at your particular hero level. Do you also tend to switch it up from time to time, or just leave it at one difficulty level throughout? And in the time you have done this [at whichever difficulty for whatever reason], did you learn anything new? Is it better than the previous version?

I, for one, am finally getting credit for the insane AI moves the previous update put us through. lol

Now that they’ve taken out the ability to adjust the difficulty level for PvP and Arena at the battle menu, has this led to an increase in playing the wrong level for Arena or PvP for you?

im over 300 and use the max for any pve stuff.

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I’ve timed how long it takes me to PvP from Rank 15 to Rank 1. Three to four hours of intense concentration. So, frankly, until I get a crackerjack team build that can win in 2-3 minutes or less, I’m setting PvP to Normal difficulty because intentionally making each match last longer would be insane.

For the normal quest line and challenges I like to have it on Hard difficulty.

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  • PvP: Normal (we don’t get bonuses in PvP for some reason)
  • Soul/Map Farming: Warlord III
  • Arena: Hard (screw giving the opponent stat buffs in Arena)
  • Quests/Challenges: Warlord III (especially on 5-star Challenges, I will relax a little for the rest if I’m struggling)
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I was at first on Normal, and didn’t really notice a difference on the AI cheat. so, If the AI is going to cheat ANYWAY, i do hard because i am a wuss, but still like my bonuses. also, @TaliaParks, please PM me about hockey and spending way too much on other games.

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As long as gold bonus dont work in pvp, there is no reasons to play other than normal mode in pvp.
Armour bonus and VIP bonus works fine but unfortunately not difficulty related bonus.
A 1000 gold match with 300% gold bonus giving 2300-2400… I receive the same amount with 225% gold bonus! No need to be a math genius to realize that a 1000 gold match with 300% gold bonus cant give a total under 3000 gold.

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Thank you all for sharing your preferences since the update. I like how each of you responded so far.

One thing I was curious about is the AI Combo Breaker. I read about it before the update here at the forum. During that time, when the previous version was implemented, the AI behaved differently. The combo breaker was the leading theory for the crazy drops and monstrous hits console players were experiencing. I could swear we were playing at Warlord I or higher. And when the Devs disclosed that they were planning to phase in difficulty settings as one progressed in Arena or PvP for the PC/ Mobile players with version 1.9, I was convinced that we were beta testing for them just like they were beta testing for us. The only difference is console players were not getting proper credit in XP, souls, gold, etc., like our PC/ Mobile counterparts. And let’s not forget the other bugs we experienced with Tasks that went unrewarded.

Like, @evilbatwitch , both my brother and I played at Normal difficulty throughout after 1.0.85 rolled in. What threw me was how slow the gems dropped everywhere, even in Treasure Hunt. I thought it was broke again. rofl

After a couple of days, I decided to test it at Hard and see what it was like with the AI Combo Breaker off. Lo and behold, the gems dropped normally. The stats were fine. The AI behaved accordingly, yadda-yadda-yadda; By golly, this is more like it.

Not long after that we experimented with higher difficulty settings. We have no trouble playing PvP at Hard. Normal is just too slow. Nevermind how we were not being rewarded properly with bonuses. I tried Arena at each Warlord level, lol, like @TaliaParks stated ‘screw’ that. Good Lord, I would not mind if my own allies could have their monster stats upped a bit to have a fair shake. What were the Devs thinking? Whatever it was, the way the AI behaved in Arena is precisely what I witnessed during the previous version. We just couldn’t see their monster stats.

That’s what I learned and since then been curious about your own preferences as well as experiences. Its quite doable to play Quests, Challenges, and Maps at Warlord II or higher. Really depends on your team composition, mastery, and kingdom power from what I’ve seen so far.

Thoughts? Again, thanks for sharing.

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I was totally taken aback when, in the Arena, my enemies were traited, and i was stuck with what i picked totally lacking in traits. Then one match, I noticed my Priestess had a trait. in the middle of the “tourney”, in match 4 or 5. Now, that’s ok if more of them have traits as you win more, but the AI side is totally loaded up sometimes in the first match, which isn’t what i thought Arena was about at all. It all sounds like a game of RageQuit-oh-crap-i-just-broke-my-tv.



Traits work in Arena, they aren’t supposed to but they do.

Take advantage of it, I make my Team and Trait them up.

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arena seems to be a little buggy from hero classes to now traits what in the world. it must be the spring imp. Spring imp too strong please nerf.

This is Console, so if Traits don’t work for you on PC/Mobile then they still won’t.

I mean the spring imp is able to effect the consoles too.

They always have worked, from day 1 after the Update. It’s fine though. You have Traits, so do your opponents, it equals out as a fair fight.

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so… wait. If i already have those troops traited, and i can pick them in arena, then i can have traited troops, or have i actually missed being able to trait them while picking them? or is it a case of both of these things being true?

That is correct. If your troops are traited and you select the same troop in an arena draft, you will be able to utilize their traits.

The enemies that you see with traits are players who have those particular troops traited in their actual collection.


allrighty then! thanks! I thought it was just another “well, that’s f’ing wonderful!!” /sarcasm thing about my horrible relationship with the RNG. I have so few traited troops. I should be less picky about who i bestow those stones on!

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You can also back out of Arena, Trait your Troops and go back in and they will be Traited.

I only Trait Troops worth it anyway, if I picked those Troops in Arena, I will probably pick them again, so it’s not wasting Traitstones in my opinion.


That was certainly an eye-opener after the patch. And like you was surprised to see that some of my allies had traits that I had fused.

About the AI totally loaded up, isn’t that the truth! I know the devs said that in the next version both Arena and PvP will increase in difficulty as you progress upwards, but when that happens in the first round… uh guinea pig time. lol

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Maybe they are going to be the norm somewhere down the road, so surprise-surprise-surprise console players you get dibs again for PC/ Mobile players? lol

I frankly like seeing traits added to Arena. Makes it interesting.

Warlord 1, always. Warlord 2 and i tend to get my whole team oneshot.

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