Where is Sin of Maraj?

Hey all … new player here.

Heard lots about this new kingdom and all … and the game has a link to go to it but ONLY after completing the Sin of Maraj quests.

One problem … I can’t find the darn place. :stuck_out_tongue:

The “Show Me” button directs me to a place on the map that I’ve already explored … but I don’t see anything there.

Any tips for a newbie?

Should be on the bottom left corner of the map. You need to have other kingdoms unlocked so that it’s revealed to you. Perhaps it’s stull under the cloudy area at the moment. Unlocking kingdoms in that direction will open it up :slight_smile:


Sin of Maraj is in sort of the southwest corner of the map. Directly north is Blackhawk, northeast is Wild Plains, and further north is Merlantis. Shentang is to the east and Leonis Empire is to the southeast.

So look for those kingdoms then look around it, if you still don’t see it, that’s weird… I know the kingdoms sort of unlock in a given order, and you can only “see” about one “layer” past where you’ve unlocked. So maybe you haven’t unlocked all kingdoms?

Unless maybe, are you on Switch? “To help you catch up”, Switch is in a time warp and does not have all of the content that the rest of the game has. Maybe Sin of Maraj hasn’t released in the Switch time warp yet. It’s the last kingdom that was released before the Underworld showed up, so that’s a possibility.

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I MAY not have unlocked that far yet.

But yes, I am also playing on the Switch. So it’s good to know that I may not have access to everything there yet.

I’m not really in a rush to get to the Underworld, as I still have a lot to explore on the map as it is. But I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the game so that I can formulate a plan for what’s to come.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

You can see where Sin of Maaj is in, relative to Broken Spire, in this screenshot. If it’s not there, than it’s not released.

You can doublecheck that by going in the troop menu, opening the sorting after kingdom submenu, and see if Sin of Maraj is listed there.

I might have the same problem. I’m on Android and I finished Stormheim but the areas in the South and Southwest are not visible.
Troops are visible.

Since 4.5, kingdoms are unlocked in groups. You need to complete all quests in 1 group before moving to the other


Thanks for your quick reply! So basically the kingdoms become visible in locked groups?

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That’s correct. They are clustered by difficulty, the higher the group, the higher level your opponents.

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Seems to me there should be some kind of “Fog of War” or greyed out Kingdoms over those areas unable to be unlocked yet, with directions for how to go about doing so when you click on it/them (in-game, that is).

E.g. “[Area Name]: Complete the quests in ____ to unlock/before proceeding to this area.”

It would then need to integrate with the tooltips for the Underworld, Dungeon, Soulforge.

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After beating some kingdoms I can confirm this works as described. Thank you for your support.