Confused whitehelm/sin of maraj

Hey everyone!
I’m sorry if this has been broached before, I have a feeling maybe lots, but I can’t find what I’ve been searching for. So at the risk of rolling eyes and many groans I’ll get to my problem.

Every where I read whitehelm is the place to set at home as it has the most glory, my kingdom info says 32. Then I visit sin of Maraj it says 34 glory and also 34 souls…

I’ve got to be missing something.

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I guess the kingdom level of your Sin of Maraj must be high while the level of Whitehelm is still low. The first 10 levels of a kingdom increase their tributes with 1% each.

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Thank you for that information. Upon checking both kingdoms are at the same level.

Forgot to mention that also kingdom Power Levels increase it even further. Did you check those too?

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Yes whitehelm is higher than sin, but only just by one star level.

Also bear in mind that the shown value of the current home kingdom already shows the doubled value. So if you would switch to Whitehelm, you’d see the value of Whitehelm*2. And ofc the ex-home kingdom will then show half too.

If you’re seeing that 34 glory and 34 souls on Sin now while it’s your home kingdom, that means it’s actually 17 * 2 and 17 * 2.

Afaik Whitehelm should always have highest glory compared to other evenly leveled kingdoms. If not, then maybe it’s some weird rounding issue.


AHH thank you that’s what it is… I knew I was missing something… :slight_smile:
I may be able to sleep tonight.