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Where Are My Wargare?

I remember when I got my first mythic. I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to see what fabulous teams I could make! And yet… I found… there was no class to match him. No class that fully represented what he needed.

I’m Khali, and I’m here to tell you about how Wargare need their own class.

The Wargare troops feel slighted, upset, and DISCRIMINATED against. They need to know that they matter as much as the elves and orcs in Krystara. They need to know that they were not forgotten about. They need to know that their cute little fuzzy butts are as worthy of love as the goblins and SKY ELVES in this world.

SO - Can you spare a moment to comment on our plight?

Wulfgarok implores you! Act today, join us in our noble quest, get us a class we can be proud of!

  • Khali

You could have chosen a better example.
Orcs are not exactly adored by players and devs alike.
Your point is still true though.

A good solution would be adding a new kingdom with new hero class. Better - 2 new kingdoms with hero classes Wargare and Construct.

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