Mythics should be 3 classes

Does anyone else feel like Mythics should be 3 classes.
War could be Daemon Undead Knight
Pharos Ra could be Divine Undead Styx
Abynissa could be Mystic Daemon Divine
Wulfgarok could be Wargare Beast Monster

My reasons are Mythics should have more uses than a lot of them already have and this would give incentive to build more and different teams.

Plus, they eat up three manas so to me three classes seems logical.


More “slayer” traits would work on them also. That was the first thing I thought of when I read title of post.

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That’s True. But again…that would create more diversity in team build ups…which this game needs BIG TIME!

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I think this a GREAT idea…
Implement for sure! :wink:

I definitely think that in a way they need they’re own special traits to go with what they have, as majority of mythics trait’s are useless until the 3rd or have atleast somewhat different to other troops than just the original aka Gard’s Avatar 2nd trait (recover 1 armour at the start of your turn) should change to be 3/4 a turn or even 5 mean like these mythics are supposed to be ultra god damn kick in the butt teeth rare so why are they being stood around like useless troops? I had my Death ages ago and barely use it, then I gained War which isn’t as useful as I thought he could be I can’t base teams around either of these 2 mythics that would be utilising them effectively especially with the meta troops that are around kicking ass everywhere without seeing atleast 1 Famine sap my mana from me kill a troop and then that’s it game over, Bone dragon not nerfed yet on console get’s the mana i’m dead, an so on so forth to me soon as I got my Death I was chuffed seeing my first mythic fully traited him which took awhile then afterwards? I started using different troops again because nothing didn’t seem to work with it aswell as DM’s RNG on the AI is abysmal compared to the AI’s DM RNG on me, I think mythics themselves need a good look at and tinker with as they’re not the rarest cards in the game to just be used as trash space imo.

This brings up a good point.
2nd traits on Mythics that are identical to other traits should be slightly buffed. Like Instead of Armored doing 25%…it should be like 35% or something.

and 1st Traits instead of giving 2 HP or some small thing…should give 5…ect.

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What if Mythics 2nd trait was pulled from Legendary 3rd traits? That would certainly give them a boost…


I think before we make Famine and the few other base mythics that are cool enough to hang out with him even stronger, base mythics should do some house cleaning among themselves to get closer to eachother power-wise.
Else we just end up making the few (too) strong base mythics unbearable and the rest of them will still not be worth using.

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Awesome ideas. Make famine 25 mana cost though! Definitely three classes, that makes perfect sense and improve those traits as well, especially the second one. I have gards, Aby (2)and war (3). I’ve fully traited gards but only slapped the first trait on the other two. They’re just not worth all of the stones required to fully trait them. Why would I waste all the stones for war or aby when I can do a couple of legendary troops that are arguably stronger anyway?

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Even out Famine first, then start buffing other Mythics.

Whenever I look at Abynissa and see all her arms I am thinking about Naga.

I’m thinking she would be great at doing the dishes!

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Very cool idea. Definitely support your suggestion.


Not bothered about this idea. It does make some sense, but there a dozen more urgent things I’d rather the devs spent time on, and I suspect that allowing three type tags on a troop is a lot more development work than people have realised…