Whens next mythic?

As title says… any idea anyone? It’s been awhile well feels like it lol

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I think this Friday.

For console yeah?

Nim said that all the unreleased mythics need the 3.0 patch before they can be released. That was submitted to Sony and Microsoft a couple weeks ago and they are waiting for approval. We’ll probably get a new Mythic the week after the patch is released, and then another one every 2 to 3 weeks after until we’re caught up. After that, we should be on the same “once a month” schedule as PC/Mobile.

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Every 2 weeks? Good luck with that. The 4-week schedule is already difficult for anybody but the people that were part of top guilds before the new guild system.


We’re getting everything on a condensed schedule until they catch up, except for mythics, which have been lagging. In a way, we’ve had some extra time to build up resources, but we’re all going to be bankrupt if we’re not careful over the next month.

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Nimhain also confirmed about a week ago Guild wars would start the week after the patch hits.

I’m not sure but if we get the patch this mid-week they ‘might’ be able to put a Mythic it into the drop pool on Friday. As we know they can remove Mytics mid week (Pharos-Ra). Please read a lot of emphasis on the word ‘might’.

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Yeah, they really need to make some progress on that. Since Feb 18 (Wulfgarok), we’ve only had 1 new mythic added (Jotnar on March 31). We’ll be 4 behind on Friday if they don’t get a quick approval and push one out to us.

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For console, no idea. For PC, 2 d 9h 13m from this post. I may have a dragon addiction…


Facepalm. My bad, didn’t catch the console part.

MS for you >.<

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Thanks? I have no idea what that means…

We don’t know that. Early in Gems on console it was always Sony causing problems. Late last year its been Microsoft. Either way we wait.

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Yup my favourite game.