Next Console Mythic?

PC/Mobile just got a new mythic… Can we get an answer on when console’s next mythic drop is going to be? Possibly which one it will be?

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@Sirrian @Alpheon ?

I’m not 100% sure, but if you just received Gard Avatar, I think Pharos Ra is next… after that is Jetnar Stormshield or something like that

I’ve been tracking troop releases between the two versions and they’ve been very consistent with the Mythics. The next one will be Pharos-Ra and I would probably expect it around March 17 or 24 based on the pattern over the last few months. At some point, they’ll need to pick up the pace on the Mythics for us to catch up, so it might come a little earlier, but they haven’t announced anything as far as I’m aware.


i think you can use this as a reference:



(need to hit 10 characters). Now if we could just get a confirmed date when Pharos is coming to console :slight_smile:

If you have Gard’s Avatar then it’s only downhill from there…

We got Gard back in January, and we received Wulfgarok three weeks ago.