When/Why do guild stats reset?

There seems to be something strange with the guild stats, specifically gold and trophy counts. I see there are two options, weekly and all-time, so I assumed the top stat “weekly” would reset to 0 at the beginning of every week. But my stats seem to reset to 0 at odd times, for no reason - while other guild mates stats don’t seem to ever reset.

This week is typical - my gold contributed stat was reset to 0 on Saturday, and I donated a good amount of gold after the reset until today (Monday), and the new gold count was accurate. Until, I logged in today, and was back at 0 again! Same thing with trophy count. The “all-time” stat seems to be accurate, but the weekly is not, and when I look at other members of my guild, the weekly stats for many of them never reset, though a few are getting the 0 reset at random times like I am. I love the guild I am in, and contribute daily, but sometimes it looks like I didn’t because of these resets and I don’t want it to look that way. Why is this broken, and is it a known bug?

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