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Guild stats are being reset 2-3 times a week

Every week my guild stats are being reset 2-3 times instead of just once. As many of you know, many guilds have tribute requirements in order to remain in the guild and they are checked every week on the roster.

Getting reset 2-3 times every week makes it almost impossible to keep up with 70 trophies and 50K gold donations, especially when I’m reset with only one day to get all my stats back. I’ll get reset on Sunday, Monday and then the regular reset when the rank resets on Tuesday or Wednesday.

However, some people in the guild don’t get reset multiple times so it makes it even more suspicious that there’s only one person that has seemingly contributed nothing the entire week.

If there is a known solution to this please let me know, I’ll do anything. Uninstall game and reinstall? Done. Loading pepperonis into my disc drive? Sure, just make it stop.

Console: Xbox One

I’ve seen this too. X1

My personal workaround has been to never contribute the big chunk of the Guild weekly contribution on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday morning.

Although last week I was reset on Wednesday so go figure.

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I’m going to suggest you don’t put meat products into your console, but I do have a few questions that will help us look into the problem:

  1. Are the resets at a certain time, or are they happening at random?
  2. Where are you located?
  3. What’s your invite code?
  4. Have you submitted a ticket to Customer Support about this issue?

Yeah… Comes with the territory, I guess. Unfortunately, this is also happening on PC/Mobile. Submit a ticket and they will fix it quickly for you, in my experience (although, admittedly, this is tiresome).

I’m PC/Mobile.
And we’re getting random resets in the middle of the week too.

I have posted about this before, with no response. I am in the same guild as Feegert and it happens to me too, all the time - and it has been happening for months. My stats get reset twice a week sometimes, sometimes once a week, very occasionally (well, just once that I can recall) they didn’t reset at all. Yet I notice many of my clan mates stats don’t reset, so it looks like I am not contributing as much as I am. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but we have clan requirements that are tough to meet with all the resets. I’m not sure what to do about it, but I believe our clan leader is aware of this issue and acts accordingly. Still, it should be a simple fix - reset everyones stats to zero at XXXX time - every week, so we know when it will happen.

  1. Usually at specific times, but the actual occurrence is random. Sometimes it won’t happen but most of the time it does. The resets will happen on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

  2. Texas.


  4. No

When are the stats supposed to reset? With the weekly rank reset or on a different day?

Happens to me in Taiwan too…
At random days…
but it looks like it’s mostly Wednesday so far as a 2nd reset

My stats also reset during the week (p.e. today, 3 hours ago) Location: Austria / Europe
Inv. Code: AHAB_RPGZ