When shutdowns will stop?!

I reported this several times and it been months but still the problem exists
What happened:
After finishing your battle the game starts looping and comes to shutdown.
When it happens:
You never know when it decide to do that, it happens in every game mode. You hope it doesn’t happened in crucial battles such as guild Wars, pure Faction delve or anything that you can’t re-do since it is important battle.
I will add this photos of the event.
But I did reported many times but nothing is done to resolve this problem.

This happened in Arena

Platform: IPhone 10 Pro


Please note that what I am posting is about what I have experience is un-proven, but this worked recently for me.

First of all, this happens to me, only on mobile, never on PC. That being said, my PC have a much better spec compared to my mobile phone. I also noticed that this generally happens only when there is a flakiness in my mobile network while trying to connect to GoW servers at the end of the battle. This is probably what you mean “game starts looping”, but I wanted to double check.

If this is the case, continue reading. What I ended up to fix (where overcome) this problem is the following:

  • The moment you realize that it starts looping (e.g., spinning for network connection), immediately go into airplane mode, turning off, Wi-Fi, data, and bluetooth.
  • This, for me, forces the game to recognize that the connection can no longer be established and immediately gives me an error saying “Cannot connect to server” (or something similar), with a Retry button.
  • Now, go back and get out of the airplane mode and establish data / Wi-Fi connection.
  • Hit retry and the game successfully connects to the internet.

I don’t know why this is happening, but I believe there is an issue in the retry logic when the network connection to the server cannot be established. Instead of it giving up (and giving you the error and retry earlier), it keeps retying in the background and if your device is low in resources (e.g., I would imagine RAM for my mobile phone), it force closes the application due to not having enough resources. In this case, server has no register of the lost connection, rather thinks you force quit the game in the middle of the battle.

Hope that helps,


I do that all the time when the loop occurs and it indeed always gets it going again. It’s annoying though.

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For me this only happens if I’m on Wifi. Never if I’m using 4G or 5G network. So instead of going into airplane mode I just turn wifi off and use my cellular connection.
Essentially it’s doing the same thing. Ending the connection to restablish it.

For years I had shitty moderns that needed to be reset every 3 months or so. Gems of War is like an old shitty modem.

The devs still don’t understand why clearing the Game cache keeps the game from Crashing randomly. Which scares me, but if you don’t play the game
… You won’t ever have direct access to its “quirks”.

Thanks Skynet and awryan. This only happens in mobile, when I use my PC it never happens. BTW even if I am using the mobile connection not the WIFI it still happens.
I hope they resolve this even though i been reporting the same for ages and never solved but I hope they fix it soon.

Hope my trick helps you. For me, it has been working very reliably recently.

To add-on, this happens to me on mobile both with Wi-Fi and mobile data connection and disabling just Wi-Fi (as awryan suggested) does not solve the issue.

Thanks my friend @Skynet

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