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When should I start arena?

I’m pretty new to the game, I’m lvl 21 & I can clear sum 5* challenge. I have never unlocked arena with 1K gold.

Should I start playing arena ? If so, when does it reset and when during the week should I play it to avoid higher opponents ?

Arena is essentially independent of your resources and level. The idea is to create an even playing field, so it’s actually perfect to enter it whenever you like.


Arena is a great way to gather resources, getting an armor with 100% gold and the arena pays for itself in 2 win so you can loop it (also getting at least 150 souls (for exactly 2 wins)) anything more then 2 wins is pure profit
It’s also worth noting that you can use any weapon you’ve unlocked (by spending glory, cash, or level up) in the arena so you can fill out whatever colors your shy from the draft

When I started playing arena, I found this arena guide helpful:

It basically gives you an idea of which troops are useful and which aren’t in arena. It’s a little out-of-date since it is missing some current troops. But, it still has the majority of troops that you will face in arena.

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Thx! I find it pretty easy at my lvl. I just keep winning 8/8 each time for sum reasons.

Arena is if you want a new experience. For resources, Treasure maps are the best.

Arena is good for collecting a decent amount of souls as well, especially with soul boosting armor.

Arena is a great way to try out troops and to earn souls.
A general guide is to choose one solid colour, two cards that share a colour between them and a weapon that has none of the colours. A card that burns, poisons or summons is always a good bet. Gold builds up fast, don’t be afraid to spend it.
My guild Transylvania, is recruiting if you are looking. You get more rewards in a guild.