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When do you plan to address existing bugs that have already been reported?


  • Earning Mythics in the Guild Event Shop or from the Soulforge does not send a “(You) just earned a Mythic Troop” notification in global chat
  • If multiple skull matches are made by a spell, and the opponent Troop has a Trait which summons a troop when damage is taken, if the Troop is summoned infront of the Troop targetted by the skull damage, some of the skull matches won’t do damage.
  • If Mech Gnome is the last Troop on the Opponent’s Team and he runs away, the battle doesn’t end until one more Gem match is made
  • Game sometimes soft crashes after exiting explore mode
  • Content call outs show up late in game ie. the in game pop ups for new Mythic Troops etc.
  • Troop summoned to wrong side of the board
  • Casting Vash’Dagon’s spell when Arachnaean Weaver is also in the battle soft locks the game for some players
  • Guild Statue skill bonuses remain grey when active sometimes, instead of red, once all 12 Guild Tasks of the statue colour have been completed
  • Troop cards don’t align correctly in their slots sometimes and overlap each other/the game board.
  • Sometimes there are no ads to display
  • The Guild Wars button says “Register Now!” even if your Guild is already registered.
  • In Guild Wars the number of battles fought (xxx/150) and the Guild Wars Score may display differently between the Results, Schedule, Leaderboard and Fight screen.

Is there anyone working on resolving these issues? Bugs are mounting up, but we are not getting any relevant bug fixes that would address the issues described above.

Thank you.

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I personally not fond of xy found mythic troops messages. Especially on mythic Friday when it just floods the global chat. I would remove it from global completely. In guild chat it is okay so you see your guild mate found a mythic and congratulate them.
Half of the other issues are just graphical glitches, not game braking ones. There are more pressing issues in the game. Like the weapon upgrades, class revamps, talent rework etc.