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Mystery mythic troop from Legendary Task not showing in inventory

One of our members just completed a Legendary Task and this is what shows on the rewards screen.


What troop was this supposed to be? It’s obviously not a Steam Turret (lol) and I don’t have any new Mythics in my inventory. If this was a glitch, my entire guild is going to need to be reimbursed a proper Mythic troop.


The name of the glitched troop doesn’t show on the mail screen either, just for reference.


Bit of a glass cannon, innit? 1000 magic but no attack, armor, or health. Hope it’s Empowered! :grin:


i cannot tell you the clue of that but it looks funny does it really show 1000 magic and zero the other
did you check your troops if you have one new that you missed( i am sure you have)
i think because of the new patch what is coming soon there are so many bugs showing up lately specially graphic ones

Yes, I refreshed my gowdb collection and sorted by base rarity. Nothing looks different. I have very few duplicate mythics so seeing an extra one would be pretty obvious.

would be interesting what devs say about this send ozzball a screenshot

The troop name is probably “Will be Fixed Soon” or “An Update Is Coming” or “Shit How Is This Code Getting Deployed I Thought We Had A Process”


:joy: right

What I see post-update from the same Legendary task.


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Mine shows the same. Sigh. I got all excited for the mythic “wrapper”. While I suspect this was a major graphical glitch all along, I’m still going with the sentiment that we were robbed of a mythic and we’re the victims of a switcheroo :wink:

Then again the whole guild getting the new legendary isn’t too bad a compromise.

My hero in a GW def team shows up as a 1000 stat mythic cannon too when I look at it. It’s normal in game though.