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What's the counter to empowered converter/doomed weapon teams in GW?

These are the only teams that give me trouble. They can literally wipe a team in one or two turns, even without a lot of looping due to the ridiculous damage output of doomed weapons plus the skulls they bring.

Today I literally drained a doomed weapon user with Khorvash… and he somehow was still able to cast next turn. Not sure if it bugged out or not, but I saw him mana drain to zero before he started casting.

I also swear the AI creates boards that favor the opposing team in GW. Last few days, my empowered converters had nothing to start with while the enemies were filling up instantly and my Mountain Crusher didn’t loop once today.

Might be a good idea to check weapon class and talents before proceeding into battle. There are more than one counter and one counter won’t work for all classes.

Short answer: double converters of your own and a doomed weapon lol…

But it really does depend on the enemy class/traits as well as their other troop (usually a tank with impervious or ignore armor trait.) Really need to be mindful of monk, as you can’t mana drain that class. Probably what happened in your case I’m assuming.

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Join The Unforgiven (if you play on Xbox) and I’ll share with you the best counters we’ve developed so far; they don’t always work, but the success rate is hard to argue with since we’re posting nearly 250k points every day! :smiley:

is the link to our discord server, if you have any interest in hanging out or learning more :+1:

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Ah, yeah. He was a Monk. Didn’t realize they have mana drain protection. Will keep that in mind for next time.

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Entangle? :wink:

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It can help, a bit, but Entagle won’t prevent damage from cast and damage from doomskull explosions…
so, there’s still high chance at least your front troop will die after single enemy cast… and that’s ofc assuming you can entangle enemy front line