What was included in the 2GB update on 4-29-16?

On 40-29 Gems of War required a 2GB update, but the only change I even noticed was that now I cannot select difficulty level in PvP. Does anyone know what changes were in this update? Since there was nothing visible I would have thought just some little things, and maybe some coding changes, and/or glitch fixes, but 2GB worth? This update appears not to exist on any of the change logs I found. The most recent changelog I found was just the addition of traitstones, new chests, etc… but that update was before this one. Any ideas? Thanks!

I’m guessing you’re on XBOX? That version of the patch was released yesterday:

Thank you so much! That is absolutely what I was looking for. And yes I’m on Xbox One.

Also, where did you find that list? I did searching for a changelog, but I did not find that one. One of the other changelogs I found was even on this site here. Thanks!

EDIT: I found your link. I guess that just didn’t come up from my search engine. Thanks again!

Since you cannot select difficulty for PvP anymore, does anyone know what difficulty PvP matches are now?

hard mode difficulty.

If they follow the PC/Mobile close enough, they start out Normal difficulty, and then it slowly turns to Hard difficulty as you climb in PvP rank. At PvP Rank 1 it will be entirely Hard mode difficulty. (No Combo-Breaker)

This is only depending on how close the consoles are following PC/Mobile.

I don’t know if its a bug or not, but difficulty settings affect my PvP. If I select for example WL1-2-3-4, monsters will have increased status, and my rewards will receive associated boosts with chosen difficulty. This was working for some times, but now it works like it used to.