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What to do with trophies

I have approximately 16,000 trophies but I have no idea what to do with them. Can someone tell me where to go or what to use them on? Thank you!!

You’ll need to clear off a lot of shelf space to display them all.

Really, though, they only contribute to your guild’s current standing in the League, which also at this point basically means nothing, as any guild with over 4900 trophies gets the maximum of +100% daily login bonus - amounting to a whopping 500 extra gold per day tops. There are supposedly more leagues coming with other bonuses, but the details have not been made public yet.

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Are you in a guild?
Trophies advance the guild.
The gold you get along with the trophies, you generously donate to your guild tasks and spend the rest on levelling your kingdoms or buying gold keys.

I suggest you try eating them. They’re quite tasty. :robot: